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Jordie - 2 Year Old Male


Happy Tails, September 25, 2012

Jordie hit the jackpot when he went to his furever home. He was adopted by a vet specialist who is able to handle his ongoing medical needs. The family has changed his name to Elliot and sent us the following report:

What a big difference two weeks can make. A new name, a new family, and a new nose! Elliot has made a seamless transition into his new family and has bonded with his new companion, Emme. Elliot is a playful and happy pug, whose sweet disposition and outgoing personality are all that more remarkable given his significant congenital (birth) defect. While investigating the cause of Elliot's vision impairment, it was uncovered that the problem lay not within the eyes but the brain. Through an MRI, Elliot has been diagnosed with a congenital defect, which has resulted in incomplete formation of the skull and brain with compensatory hydrocephalus. Thankfully, the disease is not progressive and while Elliot will have permanent visual and auditory deficits, he should continue to thrive. While under general anesthesia for the MRI, Elliot also had corrective surgery for his Brachycephalic Syndrome - a soft palate resection and a nose job! Elliot has recovered from the procedure and surgery without complication and enjoyed all the TLC provided by the hospital staff, his family, and Emme. Everyone is looking forward to many happy years together, full of walks, time at the cottage, and plenty of napping.


Jordie is a young pug with lots of energy and enthusiasm - he loves to play and run! He has a little separation anxiety and will cry for about a minute if you leave. This has actually settled down considerably since he has been in foster care and we expect this will resolve completely once he is settled and confident in his forever home.

Jordie is a very trainable pug and wants to please. He is also very affectionate and will want to be with you as much as he can - he loves to snuggle and be held.

Jordie would do best with another dog that loves to play as much as he does, however, another dog will need to be patient and tolerant as Jordie is functionally blind and will occasionally bump into another dog when playing. Jordie?s blindness does not affect him very much ? he doesn?t bump into furniture as he likely sees shadows, and he is able to negotiate stairs without a problem.

Jordie is an absolutely wonderful, sweet and loving pug who will be an amazing addition to his forever home.



Foster Update, August 18, 2012

Jordie is making wonderful progress. After his eye suture removal he had some significant redness and swelling around his eyes which has now completely healed and his eyes look wonderful. His ear infection has cleared up, his blood work and physical checkup have been done and he's in great shape.

Jordie has continued to demonstrate lots of puppy energy and he loves to run around the yard and play with toys. He's also very friendly and sociable with his foster pug brothers and sister and will initiate play with them. When he's tired, he loves to crawl into our laps and snuggle.

While Jordie's anxiety had been fairly high when he first arrived, he is becoming a confident young pug who has easily adjusted to our home and routines.

Jordie will be micro-chipped and immunized today and then will be ready for adoption.

Introduction, August 8, 2012

Jordie is a sweet, delightful young pug who is about two years old, though he may be younger.

Jordie was found as a stray and rescued from a shelter following surgery for inverted eyelids, along with neutering.

Since coming into foster care he has had the stitches in his eyes removed and they are healing very well. He is also being treated for an ear infection.

Jordie is functionally blind, though he may see shadows, however, Jordie's blindness does not seem to impact him very much. He is a very intelligent and trainable pug who has quickly adapted to his foster home and has even learned to navigate stairs in the short time he's been here.

Jordie is very energetic and athletic and absolutely loves to run and play with his foster siblings, as well as with his toys. He is so affectionate and loves to be held and get tummy rubs!