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Jane - 15 Month Old Female Pug Mix


Happy Tails

So it has been a couple of weeks since Jane came into our family. this energetic, curious and very loving puppy is the perfect addition to our family. Jane is doing well on her walks and is getting along well with our resident pug Gino and our cat Daisy. Everybody who meets her falls in love with her. She loves to play in the back yard with her toys and loves to be cuddled in front of the TV. Jane no longer needs to be left in her crate when we leave the house for short periods. She does however like to sleep in her crate at night. Thank you Pugalug for everything that you do and for letting Jane be a part of our family.



Jane is ready to begin the search for her forever home. She is a happy, active young girl. She has had her final vaccination, and is one healthy puppy. Jane eats a grain free kibble with a little bit of canned mixed in, she always licks her bowl clean.

Jane is still a very young girl, and loves to be active. We go to the dog park every morning and she loves her time there. Once we are home and all the puppy wiggles are out, she is content to snuggle on the couch or sleep in her crate, if errands need to be done.

Jane would benefit from a dog obedience class for continued basic training and socialization. She is a little unsure of new people and barks, but warms up very quickly, if the new people take their time getting to know her. Seeing Jane is still a youngster herself, she would do best with older kids (over 10) Jane would benefit very much, if she lived with a canine housemate, but would do okay on her own.

A house with a fully fenced backyard is a must. She loves to chase the water from the garden hose and the light from the flash light. A chipmunk would get her attention for sure and the chase would be on, therefore a secure play place would put your mind at ease.

She loves her crate. Since she is still in the chewing stage of puppy-hood continuing this practice would be a good idea, when she is left alone. She is quiet in her crate, as long as she is crated beside her house-mate, or they are in the same area. She could be trained, to be loose in a room, as she gets a bit older. Jane loves chew toys and these keep her entertained.

Her house training habits have been perfect, she does like someone to go in the backyard with her, this is good because then you know she has done all that needs to be done.

Jane is a funny action packed little girl. She also loves to snuggle on the couch and watch television.



Foster Update, August 26, 2011

Jane had a big day today. This morning we went to the off leash dog park and she had a ball. She even went across the shallow creek all by herself, after Doug, Stella, Annie and Elly-May demonstrated the fine technique of rock and log hopping. This afternoon she had her check-up at the vet, and was checked out from nose to tail, and all is well. She had some bloodwork done, her microchip implanted, and a DHPP vaccination. She'll go back in 3 weeks for her rabies vaccination. Jane is shy at first with new people but warms up with time, nothing a little treat from a new person can't solve. She loves to be chased; our son's lab Elly-May is always up for this activity.


Introduction, August 23, 2011

Jane is a 15 month old female pug mix, an owner surrender. She has been in foster care for a few days now, and each day a little more of her personality peeks out. She is shy with new people and new dogs but is growing more confident as time goes by. Her first playful thing she showed us was her joy of chasing the flashlight beam - she was all over that one. The next afternoon it was the water from the garden hose and chasing bubbles. Tonight, she ran with our other dogs to greet her foster dad when he came home from work. With each passing day she is coming out of her shell and what we see is a very sweet fun-loving little girl. "JJ" (her alias) is off to the vet for her check-up at the end of the week.