360 pugs rescued since October, 2005


Jake came to us as a happy and playful puppy from a breeder in Colborne in 2001. He grew into a wonderful, loving dog and was eager to go for a walk, ride in the car, run in the park or just sniff at everything in site. When out for a walk he would always head for people, dogs or kids. He would often stop and sit on the sidewalk and wait for people he would see walking toward him so he could say hello. He was my constant companion both day and night.

He made many trips to the vet throughout his short life and because of his problem with digestion we put him on gastro food. He stayed on it for his entire life. One day in April 2008 he developed a horrible cough. We took him to the vet. Antibiotics at first did nothing. Later x-rays showed a large mass on his right lung, so large that it covered his heart. The vet gave him a month. He lasted two months on cough pills and tender loving care. He was never in pain.

When he started having trouble breathing, we took him to our vet for the last time. The vet gave him the needle and he quietly leaned against my arm and went to sleep.

His memory lives on.