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Jake has gone to the rainbow bridge

When old burned-out surfer dude Jake came into our life from California a little over 1000 days ago, I thought it was all about giving this poor little pug boy a better life. I had no idea that he would be the giver and I the recipient. With his oversized paws, his goofy grin and his heart on his sleeve, he completely disarmed me. He brought fun and lightness and joy into this house and made me forget whatever worries I had at the time. He taught me not to sweat the small stuff and that there is nothing more important than being together. He followed me with his uneven loping gait, flopping down froglike on the floor until I moved again. Sometimes he sat in the middle of the ramp, lipstick prominent, waiting to see which room I was going to be in next. Each night he'd get very excited when it was time for bed, running to the bedroom as fast as his bad legs and eyes would allow, and pull his shaggy body up the steps to Big Bed where he would hang over the side and shriek like a banshee until all the other pugs were put to bed. If I took too long getting ready, he'd come into the bathroom to see what was keeping me. When he first came to live with us, he would sleep draped across my chest, but when he became secure that I wasn't going anywhere, he shifted to my pillow where he slept across my head like a hat. Whenever I woke in the night, he'd be watching me as if he were my guardian instead of the other way round. We often wondered when he slept. Many times I woke in the morning with his cheek on my cheek or his chin on my left shoulder. A puppy at heart, he loved to play but because of his heart murmur, he would start coughing if play was too vigorous. He channeled his excess excitement into humping the inside of my right elbow, but only when my arm was bare. I laughingly called him my boyfriend. Right up to the end wrapped in a blanket in my arms, he gave me enthusiastic kisses. He has the most beautiful soul and he has left my heart and our home empty for his presence.

You were one of a kind, my sweet prince, and I wish we'd had thousands of days more together. You were a gift in my life and I can't wait to see you again.

These loving eyes are looking for the right one- April 1st

Jake is a puppy in an older dog’s body. He laughs and romps and loves to be play-wrestled. We’re working at adding some weight to his under 16-lb body and he is happily cooperating. He is finally learning that outside is where he should go potty and the rest of the time he is allowed in the house.

He loves to lie at your feet and gaze up lovingly, and follows you around the house wherever you go. His eyesight is not good but it doesn’t seem to impede him. He is having some dental surgery next week and will be looking for a loving home shortly thereafter. Jake needs a home with lots of love, fun and moderate activity in it. I defy anyone not to fall in love with Jake.

Introduction, March 22nd

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Jake (in the back) and close friend Betsy

The Pug Pickup