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Jaden has Gone to the Bridge

Jaden was our foster failure and she officially became a member of our family in July 2007. She was always very welcoming to all of our new fosters and even enjoyed welcoming our new human baby in 2008. She was always with us with her quiet dignity and we will always miss her. She was always up to any new adventure and just loved to be included in anything that we did.

Sadly, her health started to decline in the fall of 2010 and we did what we could to try to save her but were unable to. We had to let her go to the rainbow bridge on December 20th, 2010 and we still miss her every day.

She is missed very much by me as well as her human sisters Ceilidh and Wylow.

Jaden is adopted by her foster family - July 2nd

"Jaden has fit in really well here. She gets along with my other 2 dogs (she has actually stopped them from fighting) and she is very good with my daughter. She travelled with us to Sudbury last weekend and she seemed to enjoy the cottage. (she did like the muskoka chairs). It seems like we have always had her with us and she fits in really well here. The longer she is here the more of her personality comes through and she is really quite a character.

In the beginning she did not bark much and she is now very very vocal (she does not like motorcycles and people in her yard). In the beginning she liked to be close to us and now she likes to be on us at all times as well as giving lots and lots of kisses."


Foster Update, June 2

I had Jaden at the vet yesterday to get her microchip and check-up. The vet had no problems with the micro-chipping and the exam overall went very well. I mentioned to my vet about Jaden passing out and the vet attributes it to the fact that she is a pug (the short nose etc.) Her heart rate is very good and the vet saw no reason for concern.

Here is what the vet noticed (but essentially it was also in the file on Jaden that I got): -Jaden has a dry eye so she will need drops daily for that. Eventually the other eye will be the same but is producing tears normally for now (my vet did not charge me for the test)

-Jaden also has some damage to her eyes from her folds in front of her eye but they are nothing to be worried about.

-Lastly Jaden only has 4 teeth left but the ones that are left are in very good shape

Other stuff on Jaden:
Jaden's first week here has gone really well. She gets along very well with my 2 dogs as well as my daughter. She thinks this house has been designed especially for her as all of the toddler furniture in the house is the perfect size for her. She is very good when I go out and when I am home she helps me with the gardening and whatever else I might be doing around the house.

She has had a couple of accidents in the house this week so we are working on training with her. As I understand she has been a puppy mill dog so she does not understand any of the basic commands (she does however always come to her name). We are trying to work with her to teach her to sit and to walk a little better on a leash. She is a very smart dog so I am sure that it won't take too long.

Foster Update, May 28

She does have some rather interesting quirks or habits:

1. She follows me to do laundry with me. When I was doing laundry the other night I was folding laundry to put it in to the basket and I put a towel in the basket first. Once the towel was in the basket she jumped right in and promptly went to sleep.

2. When she goes to the washroom outside, she lifts her leg to pee

3. When she attempts to bark, she passes wind at the same time. So she backfires when she barks!

Other than that she has been fitting in well with my daughter and my 2 other dogs. She has 2 accidents in the house to date and they were within the first 48 hours she was with us. She has essentially ignored my small Maltese Cuddles but she has gobe after my Samoyed Sammy a couple of times. Once you manage to get her attention though, she does stop immediately. Today I had to leave her alone for an extended time as I was working today and she did not have any accidents nor was she terribly upset that I was gone today.

Foster Update, May 26

She was a perfect little angel on the drive from Etobicoke to Newmarket last night. he continued to be an angel through the night last night. She slept on the bed with my other dog, Cuddles and I, last night and I don't think she moved once last night.

She has been eating, drinking and eliminating well so she seems to be adjusting to her new surroundings very well. I did not take her for a walk today at the park but she was outside most of the day with us and she really seemed to enjoy it. She helped me with my gardening as well (she likes to sleep in the flower beds). I'll try to get a picture of her in the flowers. Tonight, she has settled in to the house (on the bed) for the night and she has fit in really well with my other 2 dogs as well as my 2 year old. She is really enjoying all of the toddler furniture that we have around the house (the small chairs and toddler beds) they are apparently also pug sized.

Jaden has been very quiet today. She has only attempted to bark 3 times (she responded to a neighbouring barking dog and then barked at my 2 dogs twice as they were having a heated debate) and she stops that very quickly. So far she has been a total joy to have around. She follows us all everywhere and she really seems to enjoy being part of the group. Tomorrow, I am going to go out for about an hour to see how she does on her own.

Introduction, May, 25

Jaden is a 9 year old fawn female. She is also a puppymill breeder pug survivor