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Hunter - 2 Year Old Pug/Boston Terrier Mix


Happy Tails, February 2, 2015

Hi - it's Hunter here. My new family is so busy all the time I thought I should drop you a note to let you know how I am doing. My new home and parents are great! My daddy feeds me every morning right on time and then we play and go for a walk. In the evening he puts me to bed and always gives me a hug and a kiss on the head and says really nice things to me; he makes me feel so good! During the day I get a little bored but my mommy comes home early and I always get special treats from her and a cuddle on the couch. I love when daddy's and mommy's boys come over. We play lots of games and they give me so much love and affection.

I have a spiffy new collar with a cool gold tag. It has my name engraved on it.

Well, it's almost time for my dinner so I'm outta here. But before I leave I want to send out a special thank you to Blanche, my foster mom, for all her love and I will always remember her.





Hunter is a lovely, healthy two year old boston/pug mix, who is much more like a boston terrier than a pug. He is very busy and will play fetch all day long if allowed to. He needs a family that will play with him but not let him overdo it.

While his primary interest is playing fetch with his humans, he has learned to enjoy tugs and romping with the resident dogs. He was initially a bit snarly when he was running with a toy and my guys were chasing him, but this has resolved. He does not guard or snarl over toys on the ground and does not guard other high value items.

He has played with a variety of dogs, but much prefers dogs his size who won't overwhelm him. He can be uncertain with new dogs and needs time to adjust and to trust resident dogs.

Because Hunter was surrendered for marking, he initially had his environment fairly strictly monitored. He does now get full run of the house when I am home. He is gated in the kitchen with the other dogs when the foster mom is away for more than an hour or two. Like most dogs, it is advisable to not leave items like backpacks, purses, etc on the ground. I want to emphasize that this has NOT been an issue with me. His marking behaviour seems to be related to stress/pressure/anxiety - new settings, new dogs, new stressors.

He does have fairly strong chase drive so will chase cats, squirrels, etc. that are in the yard.

He is beautifully trained. Knows sit, down, stay, off, out. Walks nicely on leash. He is very toy and food motivated so is super easy to train. As he has settled and become more comfortable here, he has shown himself to be a solid and stable little man.




Foster Update, November 6, 2014

Hunter is a gem of a dog. Smart, loves to learn, easy to engage and loves both food and toys as a reward for his behaviour. If you have ever thought you might like to just have some sporty fun with a dog, this is the dog for you. He is currently taking a Rally Fun Foundations class with me and is rocking it so well that instructor uses him as the demo dog for new stuff.

He is also sweet, affectionate and loves a good cuddle. He has been such a stellar guy in my home that he is no longer confined to an X-pen overnight and is sharing the big bed with the rest of the crew. And loving it.

He doesn't need a home that is go-go-go all the time. He needs a home that likes some activity and enjoys some fetch games. He'd love someone who likes a brainy dog who picks new behaviour up quickly and wants to stretch their training chops....not because Hunter needs this, but because he's such a star student.

He can kick back and relax with the best of them, but is also up for fetch and tug. A versatile, Renaissance dog if ever there was one.

Foster Update, September 19, 2014

The little man continues to do well. We have had no issues with marking, but he hasn't had an opportunity to practice this! He is getting along well with the resident dogs and cat, but they find him a bit overwhelming given his energy level.

We've had blood work and a fecal done as well as having him microchipped and he's very healthy.

He loves to play fetch and will play forever if you let him. However, we don't allow that as he also needs to learn to bring it down a notch. He's doing well with learning that "Play all day" is not going to be an option.

While he does fine with my cat, I would not recommend he be in a home with cats as he does have a fairly strong chase drive and most cats just won't tolerate that.

He will be ready for adoption soon as he has no real issues.




Introduction, September 8, 2014

Hunter is a busy young man who loves games of fetch and tug. He has been very well cared for and knows a ton of stuff. He has clearly been well and humanely trained.

He was surrendered for marking so we will be focusing on modifying that behaviour as well as providing him sufficient exercise to keep this busy boy happy.

He has done fine with the resident dogs and cat, but has not shown much interest in playing with them. While he has been fine with my cat, I would not say that he is good with cats. If it runs, Hunter will chase it. He is very offended by squirrels in particular.

He is in excellent health and weight at just over 10 kgs. He is a tall and leggy boy with a lot of speed.