360 pugs rescued since October, 2005

April 24, 1998-August 12, 2008

In my mind's eye I see you standing straight, hips free of pain, you are sure and awaiting - your deep brown eyes are bright and clear of astigmatism, your beautiful fawn coat is full and smooth, your proud jet black mask and ears are now without grey - velvet to my touch.

In my mind's eye we sit in the shade of a tree on a beautiful sunny summer day, I hold you and hear your deep guttural and contented response - your special purr and you nuzzle. I smell your scented fur, touch your nose and you trust me close to your eyes, I scratch your big nose wrinkle. Your weight is happily leaning against me. We rest together happily doing nothing other than just being. In my minds eye this is how it will be until we meet again. Rest now my trusting and trusted friend.