360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Pugalug History - 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

Pugalug 2003
Feb. 16th Valentine's Day This was supposed to be at the Niagara Community Centre. Unfortunately, the Parks and Rec staffer did not show up to unlock the door. It was a very cold, snowy and windy day. However, undetered by this situation, pugaluggers went over to Donna and Larry's house for a cozy 'lug.
March 23, Niagara Center The Toronto Parks and Rec offered this facility for free as an aplogy for leaving us in the cold the previous month. It was hilarious to see the pugs zipping in all different directions and the humans stood still and laughed.
April 27th Sherwood Park This was our biggest turnout since the 'lugs started, as you can see in the photo. At this pugalug potential pug owners came to ask questions, locate breeders and to find out if a pug was the right dog for them. This educational aspect of the pugalug continues to this day.
Pug Island, June 1st This was our first official pugalug on Ward's Island. It was rescheduled after a May rain date but the day turned out glorious. The location was on Snake Island and was about a 2Km walk from the docks. It offered a cool breeze from the lake plus a secluded sunny area. The pug race was won by Dodo and Molly
June 22, Withrow Park A photographer from the East York Mirror showed up to take a photo of the pugalug. This photo shows our infamous "Running of the Pugs" starting line. We had about 25 pugs charging across Withrow Park, something the Mirror photographer had never encountered berfore.
July 27th Eglinton Park This was our first time at Eglinton and many new faces joined us that day. We met on top of a hill which offered a terrific view of the park below. Although a bit of a climb from the parking lot. the shady trees provided comfortable rest spots. We were joined by many new puppies, plus a contingent of friendly Boston Terriers
Aug. 17th Cedarvale Another new park which, because of the number of one way streets, was difficult to find. Also, the shady location I had scouted out was being use for a cricket match. Pugs and cricket don't mix. We did find a shady spot next to the walk way but we had to watch for the bicycles. This park was scratched off the list.
Sept. 28 West Deane Old friends returned (Deb and Ross), new friends joined (Simone) and some were moving from Toronto and had come to say goodbye (Trish). Teddy the pug found the nearby stream but there was lots of room for a great pug race.
Nov 9 Pugoween at Sherwood Pugoween at Sherwood Park was rain date rescheduled 3 times but finally we got a sunny crisp day for our annual pug dressup. There were some great costumes and they can be viewed in the Photo album.