360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Pugalug History - 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

Pugalug 2002
March 24 Trinity Bellwoods

One of the Pug Picnic attendees was Jan MacPherson. She thought it was such a terrific idea and wondered why only do it once a year? In 2001, she scouted the off-leash parks around Toronto, called some people and the first pugalug was held in the Beach area of Toronto. 3 pugs - Sophie, Brutus and Otis - showed up to scamper around the sand thus establish the first rule of pugaglugs - HAVE FUN.
May 5 Sherwood Park

The next 'lug was on a sunny, spring day at Sherwood park. 20 pugs roamed this wonderful leash free area near Eglinton and Mt. Pleasant. Newcomers had heard about it by word of mouth and found the time and location on the website.
June's pugalug was redirected to the Upper Canada Pug Club's Pug Picnic. It was to be the last Solna Pug Picnic to be held as the Toronto Pugalugs would continue the tradition of pug gatherings.
July 28 West Deane Park

In July, we met at West Deanne Park in Etobicoke. The location was just off of West Deane Park in a secluded residential area. About 20 pugs joined us on the hot July day. People enjoyed both the monthly gettogethers and the pictures on the website. A Pug Clan photo album that presented individual photos and names of the pugalug pugs. An email chat list was started up - Canada Pugs - that acted as an information source on pug health, beahviour and stories.
August 11 Trinity Bellwoods

A big turning point for the pugalug event was August 11th at Trinity Bellwoods. Pug owners were being stopped on the street and asked if they new about pugalugs. Clerks pet stores were telling anyone with a pug about the new group. So on August 11th we had our largest turnout - 40 pugs. A Torontopugs calendar was put up on the website to post pugalug dates and the pug birth dates.
September 22 Sherwood Park
The cooler weather of September did not deter the pugaluggers. In fact, spring and fall are perfect times for the pugalugs as it gives the pugs an opportunity to race and chase each other for an extended time. It was at this Sherwood event the Larry had the first "Running of the Pugs" race.. He got the idea from a Colorado pug group. 2 lines are formed facing each other. At the Start line, the person is holding the pug. At the Finish line the person is calling and cheering the pug to come to them. The first and last pug that goes in a straight line to the Finish are the winners. It has been a highlight each year.
Oct. 27 Pugoween at Withrow

One word - PUGOWEEN. 50 pugs dressed in costume. Amanada Walsh, VJ from Much Music, joined in the fun and did a great little story on Pugoween. which was rebroadcast 4 times. This generated an increase in membership as more pug owners heard about the pugalug.
Nov 24-02 Niagara Centre

Our first indoor pugalug. We met in November at the Niagara Community Centre on Wellington St. West. It was like a Pug Frenze. Many new firends were made at the event. People had heard about it from Much Music, friends of friends or perfect strangers stopping someone with a pug Tiled floors, chairs and tables, a secure double door to the outside, Petsmart kiosk with winter coats and boots, coffee, snacks and dog cookies made this a terrific carnival like end to the year.