360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Pugalug History - 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

Pugalug 2001
A pugalug is an informal gathering of pug dogs and those who love them. Once a month we meet to celebrate a most wonderful breed.

The pugalugs grew out of the yearly Pug Picnics sponsored by the Upper Canada Pug Club.

Kris Reid and Jeanne McMullen would invite the Solna Pugs and others up to Bailieboro, Ont. for an afternoon of pugs, costumes, contests & picnicking.

One of the Pug Picnic attendees was Jan MacPherson. She thought it was such a terrific idea and wondered why only do it once a year? In 2001, she scouted the off-leash parks around Toronto, called some people and the first pugalug was held in the Beach area of Toronto. 3 pugs - Sophie, Brutus and Otis - showed up to scamper around the sand thus establish the first rule of pugaglugs - HAVE FUN.

One more pug showed up making it a grand total of 4. The weather by the lake was windy and chilly. So, although the pugs had a great time, the humans decided to retreat indoors. to (where else?) the Pug and Pontiff pub on Queen Street East to continue the joys of HAVING FUN. The pugalugs were off and on during the summer of 2001, mainly due to inclement weather.