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Henry - 8 Month Old Male


Happy Tails, January 29, 2013

Henry has been with us for over a week and it's been a week filled with, what could only be described as, unbelievable cuteness. He has made himself completely at home. His new brother took a little time to get used to Henry sharing the beds, toys, and laps, but they can now be found curled up together all of the time (usually on my lap). And Henry has shown amazing restraint when interacting with his older sister. She has a lot of aches and pains, and Henry has been very respectful of her limitations.

We are slowly making progress with Henry's house-training, but the polar vortex has not been helping. Henry is not a big fan of the cold or deep snow. However, despite the weather, the number of accidents is steadily decreasing. He is one smart little guy. We are starting classes next week and I know I'll be astonished by how fast he learns.

Henry is just amazing about getting his eyedrops, having his nails cut, and any general poking and prodding. He could teach his brother a thing or two about that. Overall, Henry is a very busy and very happy guy, and has added a lot of joy to our family. We feel very lucky to have him here and cannot wait to see what the future brings.


Henry is an 8 month old male, neutered pug. Don't let that cute face fool you, he's an active boy, and a going concern!

Henry is a social boy, who loves the company of other dogs. However, he is a very active guy, who has yet to learn his manners. Any canine pal of Henry's will need to be patient, and willing to set ground rules for their play. Until this has been firmly established, it would be best if their play was supervised.

Although Henry is a healthy boy, he had his left eye removed due to a severe corneal ulcer. It is important to know that while he sees well with his right eye, he suffers from dry eye, a very common condition in pugs. Fortunately, Henry has responded very well to medical treatment, and his tear production is now normal! To maintain his tear production, Henry will require prescription eye drops for the rest of his life. Henry receives Tacrolimus every morning and evening. Each bottle of Tacrolimus lasts approximately 2 months, and costs approximately $72 +HST.

Henry really is a vice less little boy, who truly doesn't have a mean bone in his wiggly little body. However, he is busy and boisterous! If you are hoping for a quiet pug, who requires little in the way of exercise or supervision, then Henry is not the pug for you. He has a voice, which he likes to use, making him unsuitable for apartment or condo living. A house with a backyard for easy access for safe exercise would be ideal. He does not like to be left alone, but does just fine if left with a canine companion. As such, it would be best if he could be in a home with another dog.

Henry is well suited to family life, and would do well in a home with children. Due to his boisterous nature, it would be best if the children in the home were over the age of 8 years. While he likes cats, he will happily chase them if they run from him! As such, a home with a cat that is familiar with dogs would be fine, but if your cat has never spent time with a dog, then Henry is not the pug for you!

Henry is still very young, and will need further obedience training. He knows basic commands such as sit, stay and lie down, but still has a long way to go before he could be considered "well trained"! His house training has come along nicely, although he will have accidents if he is not taken outside on regular intervals. Henry has exhibited some "marking" behaviour, which seems to have improved since his neuter. Diligence from his forever family will be required to ensure he does not relapse with respect to this behaviour.

Henry is used to being crated at night for sleeping, or on the rare times is home alone. He prefers to be crated with another dog.

Overall, Henry is a wonderful, sweet handsome little man, and a treat to be with. He will be a wonderful addition to any family who has the good fortune to welcome him into their home.


Foster Update, October 29, 2013

Henry continues to do well and is growing in leaps and bounds. It's hard to believe that just 3 months ago, he weighed only 6lbs! Now weighing in at 12lbs with a fabulous shiny black coat, Henry is the picture of health and happiness.

Henry loves every dog, person (or cat!) he meets and immediately considers them his new best friend. Although he is crate trained, he doesn't enjoy being left alone, unless he has a canine companion with whom he can cuddle and play. With a friend to keep him occupied, Henry is content to be left for a few hours. However, it is important to remember that he is a puppy and therefore needs more bathroom breaks than an adult pug.

Henry's house training has come along quite nicely. With frequent trips outdoors and a pee pad left inside (just in case!) accidents are a rarity. However, he has let it be known that it's time for him to be neutered! Over the last few weeks, Henry has had a few episodes of "marking"; a clear sign he is a baby no more! He is scheduled to be neutered and have his hind dewclaws removed in the next few weeks and then he will be ready for his forever home!

Henry is a constant source of amusement and love - he will be a wonderful addition to any family who is lucky enough to adopt him.




Foster Update, September 14, 2013

Henry continues to do very well in foster care. His enucleation site is completely healed and he has learned to be a good boy about his eye drops for the remaining eye. His vision is somewhat impaired in the remaining eye, but it doesn't slow him down a lot. He struggles a bit with stairs that are narrow and/or steep, but can learn.

He weighs a healthy 4.6 kgs, is parasite free and now just needs to wait for neutering, nares surgery and removal of his two back dew claws. We are hoping to do this all at the same time so he only is under anaesthesia once.

He is a busy, but charming little man with lots of happy play in him.




Introduction, Aug 1, 2013

Introducing Henry; an almost criminally adorable 15 week old, male pug puppy surrendered to Pugalug by his owner.

Henry entered rescue with a severe corneal ulcer in his left eye. Due to the size/depth of the ulcer, Henry lost all vision in the eye, and it actually perforated. The decision was made for Henry to undergo an enucleation (surgical removal of the eye). He had surgery yesterday, and I am happy to report he is doing remarkably well! His pain level is less today than prior to surgery and his true devilish nature is starting to shine through! Henry has dry eye in his right eye, and will likely need eye drops indefinitely. He also has very small nares, which will require surgery at the time when he is neutered.

Henry is a lovely little boy, with a sweet disposition. He wants to be with his foster mum all the time, and enjoys lying in her lap while chewing a toy, or simply snuggling and snoozing. He adores his foster siblings, and now that he is on the mend, will be able to enjoy participating in pug zoomies!