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Queen Heidi: April 6th 1993 - June 8, 2007

Heidi was, and still is, my Guardian Angel. She was sent to see me through some of the roughest periods of my life. She managed to keep me sane, sober, and laughing, through about with lung cancer, a marriage breakdown and other family and relationship difficulties that some of us have to go through.

Heidi blessed my life for over 14 years, the hole in my heart will have to be filled with the thousands of happy memories she left for me. You are Dearly, Dearly, loved Queen Heidi.

Rest In Peace My Angel.


Donations in memory of Heidi:

Hugh Radley
Kent Simpson
Kim Walkem
Hilary Dorricott and Bryan Davies
Candace McLaren
Larry St. Aubin
Cindy Victor