360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Harvey the Great

May 5, 1996 - February 18, 2008

Harvey will be missed by many; especially those who knew him best and loved him most. Lesley & Theo & Ellie, the only dog Harvey allowed absolutely any kind of nonsense she could come up with.


There is quiet in the hallway,
Outside, the leaves are still --
The February landscape
Exudes a certain chill.
But up where spirits linger
Near a Bridge of Rainbow hues,
The tails start to wag now --
For they have heard the news:
Harvey will be coming!
Yes! He's on his way --
His spirit freely bounding
Ready now to play!

But, oh, at Harvey Manor,
Things are not so kind:
There's a gaping hole within the hearts
Of those he left behind.
Remember not the sad times,
That's not what he was for --
Remember Harvey's spirit,
And then your hearts will soar.
And someday -- yes it will be --
Near a Bridge of Rainbow joy
Your hearts will then be whole again
As you once more greet your boy.

-words by Harvey's friend,