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Gracie is at the Rainbow Bridge

On April 26 2015 we said our final goodbye to Gracie, exactly two months before her Sweet 16.

We had never considered adopting a senior pug, but in 2008 when we saw the adoption posting for a 9 year old Golden Girl there was just something about her...We were nervous about adopting an older dog and worried about not having as many years with her as we would if we adopted someone younger, but as soon as we met her during her home visit we fell in love. As it happens, adopting this Golden Girl was one of the best decisions we ever made. She showed up to her new life and asked us for nothing other than food (her #1 passion) and to be cuddled and loved.

Gracie was a spunky girl and was the bossiest dog I have ever met - she liked to be in charge and made sure every other dog she met (big or small) knew she was the boss. She would bark loudly at us when she wanted something - especially food. At the same time, she was the sweetest and most affectionate pug. She was gentle and patient with kids, had an unlimited amount of cuddles and kisses to share and was happiest when she was glued to one of us.

The picture we are sharing is of Gracie from one of her last good weekends. She spent the day outside, basking in the sun watching us do yard work, happy and content. This is how we will remember her.

Our friends and family keep telling us how lucky Gracie was to have spent her "retirement" years with us, but without hesitation we can truly say that we are the lucky ones. Over the last seven years her personality shaped our household in an amazing way and we consider it an honour to have been able to love and care for her.

Gracie - 9 year old Golden Girl

Gracie is adopted - Feb. 27, 2008

Gracie cried in the car a little bit on the way home and after she did the preliminary investigation of Muscle and of the house she went to the back hall and sat on the step by herself for a while. Muscle went to check her out to make sure she was ok (maybe she was waiting for you to show up and get her, Deb!). She finally decided that this place isn't really that bad and came back to the living room to check out the toy basket and play with the new toy that she brought with her.

All of this was, of course, very exhausting so she and Muscle hunkered down for a nap. She sure loves the top of the couch, which is fine with Muscle because he's always preferred the cushions. She's sitting on my lap right now as I type this.

We're so thrilled to have added Gracie to our family and appreciate all of the work you all do for pug rescue!
Laura & Dave Tutte

Foster Update February 22

Gracie had her final check up with the ophthalmologist and is now in perfect health. She enjoys the company of other dogs and cats. Gracie is very smart and quick to pick up on the household routine. She is socialiable and friendly.

We are opening up the application process in order to find the perfect home for this charming Pug Queen. If you have not previously submitted an application, send Larry an email - larry@pugalug.com or give a call to 416-901-6854 and we will send you an application. Gracie deserves a loving home and will return that kindnsess with many years of pug love and comfort

Gracie came through her surgery very well. She is on different eye drops and clavamox as a precaution against infection. She is very unhappy about wearing a cone because she keeps bumping into things but other than that she is great.

Gracie is ready to start looking for her forever home now. Once her post surgery treatments are complete, including her final check up, she will be ready to go! She has lived with children and in an apartment setting. She gets along well with other dogs and with cats. She is friendly and affectionate. Gracie knows her basic commands and is potty trained (almost always).

Foster Update - January 20

Gracie is a great little girl. She is smart and adjusted very well. She knows her basic training commands and is completely potty trained. She hasn't has any accidents. Gracie enjoys the company of the other pugs but we believe she would do well on her own as well. She sleeps in the big bed with people, pugs and cats. She can be a bit dominant but she is the only female in the house and it may just be that.

Gracie got a clean bill of health from the vet except for her eyes. She is having surgery for entropia on January 31, 2008. As soon as she has recovered, she will be ready to find her forever home. She is an excellent, smart, loving pug and will make someone a very happy.

Gracie Introduction - Jan 3

Gracie's owner has sadly had to ask us to find a forever home for Gracie. The family is having to move to a co-op and there is a no dog policy. The owner sends us this description:
"Gracie is almost 9 years old and we have had her for 5 years. She is a wonderful little dog, very bright, loving and playful. She is healthy, spayed, up to date on her vaccines and fit. She is obedient...most times, but she can be a wee bit stubborn when she wants to, for the most part, listens well. (for a pug)

She is crate trained, she likes to sleep in her crate at night and when we go out, she will stay there too. She is housebroken, but given the opportunity to pee inside rather than outside on a freezing day, she will try, she hates the cold on her bum. This is why when we go out, she is crated, it is just a precaution.