360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Ginger - ?? - February 2013


Ginger is at the Rainbow Bridge

My sweet little girl died today. She was a pug ... to all that have had the privilege to know a pug, that statement will tell you everything.

Ginger had a rough start in life. She was breeding stock for a puppy mill in Kansas. Ginger was rescued and brought to the Toronto Pugalug Rescue organization in Nov. of 2006 where she was given into the loving hands of Hilary Dorricott who became her foster mom. In Jan. of 2007, I was given the privilege of adopting Ginger and providing her with her "forever" home and being her "forever" mama. In six very short years Ginger learned to play, run, trust and love. She made everyone who ever met her smile.

I wish "forever" had been longer.