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Gertie - gone to the Bridge, June 18, 2007

Gertie came to us 7 short months ago. She wasn't one to waste one ounce of energy on anything. She loved to just sit and watch the world and eat. The only one she found worthy of getting up to meet at the door was Andrew. She loved her boy. Gertie's idea of a walk was from the house to the car. She was a stubborn old gal and when she decided she'd had enough walking would plant herself and refuse to move. I can't count the number of times I had to carry her home.

Her one true love was bread of any kind. She sure found the energy to almost run when she saw it. Sunday was spent sitting in the cool grass in the shade and having some nice freshly baked bread at dinner time. Her last meal was her very favorite, tripe.

Gertie left just as she lived, quietly and without fanfare. A few last deep breaths and she lay her head down. Although 7 months wasn't long enough I knew that was a chance I would take with a senior. I don't regret keeping her even for that short time. She was amusing and her loud snoring will be forever missed.

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Gertie - Adopted November 12

When I got the call to take a 10 year old, aggressive and not housebroken female pug I wasn't sure what to expect but felt I was up to the challenge after having some fairly young wild ones come through. Little did I know that I would fail the test. Only once in a while does that one come along that grabs you from first sight.

When this little lady arrived she was in sad shape. Her name was Shayna but somehow she just looked like a Gertie. She had red, smelly ears and breath like I'd never come across before. She's not your average pug that needs to be on you 24/7, if fact she's very aloof.

After settling in I realized there are zero signs of aggression (she wouldn't waste the energy) and no issues with house breaking, in fact she went to the door to let me know she wanted out. When she decided to curl up in the bed with Percy I began to weaken a bit but thought I'd stay tough. It wasn't until after she had all but 4 teeth removed that she started to show some interest in me. Again I weakened a bit more. The deciding factor was when in one day she managed to curl up in bed with all the gang, going from bed to bed and ending up with Moe the cat. I figured any old gal that passed the Percy & Moe seal of approval was a keeper. Gertie will not need to pack her bags anymore, she is one of the family now.

Kim Walkem

Gertie and Moe having a warm, comfy nap.

Gertie curls up with Percy to enjoy another warm, comfy nap.