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Frankie - 2 Year old Male


Furever Home Update, July 28, 2011

Frankie is awesome. He has settled in nicely to our family routine. Our two boys ages 9 and 11 love him to death and fight over who he will cuddle with while we watch a movie or tv. We kept his name as he was so good at doing sit, stay and shake a paw. He is fondly referred to by the kids in our neighbourhood as Frank the Tank or Frankerton.

He is getting lots of fresh air as both of our boys play baseball. We walk him a ton at the games. Frankie loves his walks. He has lost a 2 pounds from all of this exercise and is in excellent health. The last few weeks he has spent more time inside during the day as it is simply too hot for him.

We didn't last too long with crating him. He now sleeps in our bed at night and has special stairs to help him get up. He loves to lie on his back with his paws up in the morning in anticipation of a belly rub. He then goes to each boy's room to give them a morning kiss in the hopes that they will get up and take him outside.

He has been to the vet and he has distichiasis (a few eye lashes growing into towards his eye) this causes some discharge from his eyes. For now we are treating it with drops, which he hates. I think we will be taking him to see the optometrist in the fall and will have the lashes lasered off.

He is off to watch a baseball tournament in Newmarket this weekend and then two weeks up at the lake. He loves going to the lake as there are 3 other family dogs that he plays with. All in all we couldn't be more pleased with Frankie and we are so happy that we have him in our lives.

Happy Tails

Frankie is settling well in his forever home. He has been nicknamed by our two young boys "Frank the Tank", for his big size and even bigger personality! It is as if he has been with our family forever, although it has only been four days. There haven't been any accidents ... yet. He is eating well and sleeping wonderfully. He is a bundle of energy, particularly in the mornings. The good news is, his energy is matched by the boys who play fetch with him and chase him around the yard or at the park. He also loves to go for walks. However, by the end of the day Frankie is ready to flake out on the couch where he seeks out belly rubs from everyone in the family. At night he checks the boys' rooms to make sure both boys are in bed before he heads to our bedroom for a good night of sleep. Frankie is a great dog and we are so glad he is a part of our family!



Frankie is a gorgeous bundle of fun and personality. He is well socialized, tolerant and friendly but in some ways very much a puppy. He is a good dog ready to become a great dog. He simply needs a stable routine with plenty of love and security. We have had great success diminishing his attention seeking behaviour and any adoptive owner needs to continue with this. His house-training is perfect and he will even ask to go out to eliminate. It is only when he is left alone and uncrated that he gets anxious and accidents will happen.

Frankie was surrendered due to perceived jealousy issues with a new baby. Though he is excitable at times, he will just need patience and continued training to reinforce acceptable behaviour. He is already learning this quickly. He is gentle and extremely affectionate , but is still a big puppy and likes to rough house. Because of this, I don't think a home with young children would be suitable. There isn't a mean bone in his body but he is so wiggly he might just knock down a youngster. Frankie would be great as an only dog in a situation where he is not left alone for long periods or as a sibling to a tolerant young dog. He LOVES toys of all kinds and a good game of fetch, tug as well as a good walking routine will keep this guy in shape. He is great at the dog park, friendly to people and dogs alike. As much as Frankie can play hard, he really knows how to kick back, literally on his back! He can morph into a large snoring concrete lump on the sofa or his favourite doughnut bed that he has taken over from the resident pugs. He has gotten along with my dogs very well, and has been an extremely snugly and affectionate house-guest.


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Introduction, April 16, 2011

Frankie is an owner surrender. He is a gorgeous and very affectionate boy and he is big (a bit on the overweight side but a change of food and plenty of exercise have already revealed a waist in there). He has settled in nicely. He was a bit excitable at first flinging toys about and wearing out my guys at playtime ... but after a week has decided it is also fun to lay on your back on the sofa and get belly rubs.

He sleeps beautifully in his crate anytime and is also learning to love the big bed and a cuddly pugpile on the sofa. He is for the most part a quiet guy but has quite a repertoire of clucks and chirps and squeals in the morning to show his excitement about breakfast and the day ahead. He is a real character.