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Fozzie - 4 Year Old Pug Cross


Happy Tails, February 8, 2011

Fozzie, now known as Winston is doing great! He is such a little huggy bear! We just love him!! He's still crying when we leave but we are now putting him in the studio when we go out which is pretty sound proof. We of course leave him with plenty of water and some toys. When we walk him he tends to pull a lot on the leash so when he does this I just make him run for a couple of blocks, this seems to take a bit of the fire out and he settles down a fair bit. He barks at some people on the street. He will stand and stare and then start barking. It's quite strange. People don't know what to make of him! At night when I'm watching TV he snuggles in, he melts my heart he is just so adorable! Sometimes I hold him like a baby and he doesn't seem to mind. We are so happy with him! Scott took him to the off leash park this morning and he ran around a lot. He is now sound asleep on our bed. Every time we're out on a walk I make him run a bit. He loves to run and quite often will be running faster than me and I have to have him stop so I can catch my breath!! A little embarrassing for a distance runner!

He is so affectionate and cute he is constantly making us laugh. He loves to chase his tail and when I walk to the kitchen he runs in circles around my legs. We are sticking to the same food he had in foster care and I am still giving him the cranberries, but have learned that I have to bury them in the food otherwise he will eat around them. We will take him to the vet in a week or so to have his Urine tested again.


Please stand by for a happy tails soon.


Home Visit Scheduled

Fozzie has no medical issues. Fozzie's been to the vet and received a clean bill of health. It seems he's inherited the health benefits of a mixed breed. Eyes, ears, limbs are all in good shape and there's no sign of UTIs. He does have some tartar on his back molars.

Fozzie does well on a grain free diet. Portions need to be managed to keep him trim and active.

Fozzie needs someone who will work patiently on basic training but with a little coaching he will make a lovely companion. Areas that need work are finger nibbling, jumping up, food aggression and pulling on the leash. Fozzie is bright and eager to please which will ease his training. Fozzie's not a big barker but will bark when someone comes to the door or if there's action out on the street. He's shown no signs of separation anxiety but will sometimes have accidents when left alone. Fozzie will dash at the door if given the opportunity. Fozzie's house training is about 80% complete. He will likely have accidents during his transition period.

Fozzie is great with other dogs males and females alike. He engages other dogs in play and he's gentle at playtime. He loves his toys particularly unstuffing them. It's unknown if he is good with cats. I wouldn't recommend Fozzie in a home with small children solely because of his food aggression and his jumping up. Fozzie would do well with children 11 and up.

Fozzie requires a single family dwelling with a fenced yard where he has the opportunity to run. Fozzie is a medium energy dog so it's important that he get regular exercise.

Fozzie has not been crated in his foster home. Given that he prefers to be close to his human companions at all times, I suspect he would not manage well being crated. He is confined to a portion of the house. Fozzie will challenge the gate but not if you've given him a firm no as you cross the gate. He's smart and good with his paws so if the gate is not secured well, he will open it.

Fozzie will go into garbage where he has easy access (e.g. bathrooms) and chew the toilet paper rolls etc. To avoid a mess, you need to put the garbage up or shut the doors before heading out of the house. I would also recommend closing bedroom doors before leaving him alone. He has been known to have the occasional accident on the bed. I've never encountered this during the night but only when left alone.

Have a look at his introduction for more on his great personality!


Foster Update, January 18, 2011

Fozzie is hands down the most affectionate dog I've seen. He's quick to throw his head in your lap the minute you sit down and is quite content wrapped around your middle. He gives gentle little kisses but only when asked. He's made progress with the food aggression but there's more work to be done. There have been fewer accidents when he's left alone if he's given something to occupy him like a chew stick or a food stuffed kong. I've brought out a crate to see if he'll take to it. He seems to have some experience with one and has used the crate for a safe haven. Fozzie has learned to do a sit stay and to wait for his meal until released. I'm proud of the boy when he looks up with those big brown eyes just waiting for the magic release phrase. Fozzie's got lots of love to give to someone who will patiently work with him. This boy will shine with a little investment.

Introduction, November 3, 2010

Fozzie's a happy go lucky, giant pug. Poor Fozzie came to us from a shelter where his outlook seemed pretty bleak. While I'm not sure what breed Fozzie is mixed with, he has mostly pug colouring and shape. The two main exceptions are he's about double the size of a pug in height, length and weight and he has a snout complete with an adorable under bite. He also has a reddish-tan tone to his fawn coat. His under bite makes him look like he's constantly smiling. It reminds me of another dog that came into foster care named Honey.

He's been good with his foster siblings and is settling nicely. He likes to play tug of war with Ms. Clara and her toys. Playtime does not get rough although he could easily overpower her. Fozzie has a medium energy level and the speed of a larger dog. He certainly enjoyed the ride and walk at the off leash park. We need to work on his recall before I'll be able to let him off leash for any period of time.

Fozzie was repeatedly returned to the shelter for peeing but honestly, it would seem that folks just didn't tolerate the transition period and give him the chance he deserves. Fozzie had 3 accidents the first day and little or none since his arrival on Saturday. He's quite bright. He figured out my baby gate within the first five minutes after arrival. Hopefully, he doesn't share these findings with his foster siblings! He's not a big barker but will let you know if someone arrives at the door. He gnaws like a puppy on your hands to get your attention upon your return from an outing. But even this is fairly gentle in nature. He's very polite taking his treats as well.

He cannot possibly get enough belly rubs and he enjoys a snuggle particularly at bedtime. Oddly enough he doesn't appreciate a butt scratch like most pugs. He was a good sport about his bath.

We'll work on his finger nibbling, jumping up and his recall. I'll also keep an eye out for separation anxiety but so far, I'm not seeing any signs. After he's settled in a little longer, we'll visit the vet for a wellness check.