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Farnsworth - December 7, 1998 - June 3, 2006 - July 23, 2012


Farnsworth is at the Bridge

December 7, 1998 - June 3, 2006 - July 23, 2012

Rescue Story (http://www.pugalug.com/farnsworth_ht.html)

He came from championship lines and was named Teadoro's Lil Lovin Stuff. His owners gave him the gentlemanly name of Farnsworth which suited him to a T. He was all of those things - a champion, loving and a gentleman. He had two homes prior to rescue. His second family had him for 6 years and he was the apple of his human mother's eye until she died of cancer. He was her therapy dog in her latter days and upon surrendering him, his father said it was Farnsworth's turn to be cherished and looked after. We did. When he came to us at age 7 1/2 with a full garbage bag of clothes and a rhinestone collar, he was already blind but that didn't stop him from exploring and learning to climb stairs. As his skin condition improved, he gained energy and enthusiasm but was never overly active or playful. Just a gentleman pug ... except for his run-ins (literally) with Gooey who was also vision-impaired. As Farni aged and lost most of his hearing, life became more confusing and he kept a lower profile. He continued to be fastidious about pottying and was no trouble, except for resisting oral medication and, in the latter days, scratching at the walls and cabinets to be fed, while barking that crazy little non-bark. He was very affectionate and loved to be held against our shoulders or cradled like a baby in our arms. When we put him back down, his little legs would paddle until they found the safety of the floor. In Big Bed, he would lick my head or arms vigorously until ready to snuggle in beside me to sleep. I will laugh as I remember the beatific look on his face when Kimmy licked his private parts and the grunts he made when going potty. I will smile when I remember how good he was about getting his eye lubrication and our clash of wills when I tried to clean his nose-fold. I will remember my sweet little man forever. Farni - with your good new eyes, go and find your before-mother who will look after you until I'm with you again. Don't fight with Gooey.

(with apologies to Billie Holiday and the My Man songwriters)
Oh my man I love you so, they'll always know,

When I hold you in my arms with all your charms.

What's the difference if they say he'll go away?

Farni-man is mine and in my heart you'll stay.

For wherever Farnsworth is, I am his.

Furever more - 'cause I love my Farnsworth so.