360 pugs rescued since October, 2005

Faith, November 23, 1998 - December 19, 2006

Quietly in her sleep on December 19, 2006 we lost our sweet precious Faith. She was such a gift we had for too short a time. Faith came to us as a Solna retiree in October, 2002. From the moment I saw her she had my heart. She was such a little lady who became my shadow. She loved everyone but she was a Momma's girl at heart. When we took in a blind, deaf, crippled rescue pug named Harry, Faith took it upon herself to love him and care for him, she would guide him to his food and let him lean on her when he was unstable and they slept entwined together.

When Harry passed away I have never seen an animal grieve the way she did, her little heart was broken but my Thurman became her rock. She was such a special girl, everyone who met her loved her, I called her my 10lb bag of sugar. She spent everyday she was on Earth loving, giving and living. She loved her toys, sunny days and to be cuddled. She was a tiny little creature but she has left a huge hole in our home and hearts.

Faith-Solna's For Keeps, Mother to Teddy, Denver and Meggie, Sister to Charlotte, Aunt to Patty, Daughter of Gloria.