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Emi - approx. 8 year old female

Vet Costs to date: $5,035.41

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Final Update - February 20, 2010

Emi has finally been released from her sick body. For the last eight months, she's gotten one infection after another and each one is worse than the last. She was constantly being given antibiotics. With the last infection, she had developed two types of bacteria. We also, tried the medication to help her control her bladder.

She didn't get over the infections, but developed another strain that is resistant to antibiotics. She was getting worse and at a fast pace. These constant infections are painful. She was a strong girl and didn't let it stop her from trying to enjoy her life. After consulting with the doctor; the rescue and I made the difficult decision. Emi had been through enough tests, enough poking and prodding and deserved a dignified end to her life. Emi's body was giving up.

A final note from Emi's foster family

Emi came to us, eight months ago. She had an unknown past, but we suspect that she had a few litters.Emi was such a sweet dog, but she had spunk and would let you know what she wanted. If she wanted an occupied dog bed, she would let out a tough little growl. If she wanted up on your lap, she would scratch at you with her front paw. If she wanted your dinner, she would stand there and bark at you. That is part of what made her endearing. She was also very affectionate and loved to be rocked or held.

We had come to expect that she would live out her life with us, as she seemed unadoptable, with all her health issues. We wondered if she would be able to have a long life, when we know of other dogs that have succumbed to this type health issues. We did not expect to lose her so soon. It was hard to let her go, but it was the right thing to do for her. The one final act of kindness we could give her. Emi, you took a piece of my heart, but it was well worth the time we got to have with you.

Love you always,

Foster Update, January 29, 2010

We've been busy, with Miss. Emi. She did get another bladder infection, which is now being treated and is clearing up. No crystals, this time! The neurologist had her in for observation and x-rayed her before and after she urinated. The conclusion is that she cannot empty her bladder, on her own and the cause is neurological. The infections keep coming back because of the urine that is collecting in her bladder. We are trying a medication that may help her eliminate more urine. After she tries, on her own, I will use a method to help her express any remaining urine. It is quite easy to do, but we want to try and see if she will be able to do it on her own. I am to try and gauge if she is able to urinate a larger amount, before any assistance if given. We will post another update, once we know the results of this medication.

Emi went to Canine Wellness and we have a list of exercises that she can do to help her back legs gain muscle and some more use in her hind end. Some of the things she is doing, is:

  • walking backwards
  • learning to sit and then come out of sit by moving frontward
  • walking on uneven surfaces like cushions and the bed
  • kicking her hind legs, by me tickling her paw, until she kicks backward
  • me holding up one hind leg, so she has to stabalize the other

She is such a trooper, about all the poking and prodding, from different doctors, therapists and her exercises.

We will be at Pugintine, if anyone wants to say hi. She will be wearing a name tag and so will I!

Foster Update, January 9, 2010

Emi is doing very well. She had a urine culture done a couple of weeks ago and it is all clear! No infection and no crystals. In a couple of weeks, we will do another culture and see if she remains problem free. She is still eating the special food that should help keep the crystals from returning.

She is in good spirits and enjoys playing with her fur brothers and stealing their toys and bones! Check out her video, running down the hall, after a toy. Emi likes the snow and likes to sniff about the yard. She gets around quite well, but does need to be lifted on and off of furniture and up the stairs. For now, she is wearing diapers, in case of accidents. We will be taking her for an assessment, at Canine Wellness Centre and see if she may benefit from some physio treatments, for her mobility. Most of Emi's expenses have been to try and determine what her spinal issues were and to understand what is causing her bladder issues.

Any future expenses would be doing urine cultures and treating any infections. At this point, we are unsure how often this would be. If she remains crystal and infection free, for a month, then maybe we will have a better idea about how often she would need to be tested.

Emi in the Snow

Foster Update, December 8, 2009

Emi is back in the "not yet ready for adoption" section. Everytime we thought the bladder issues were under control, she would either get crystals or an infection. Even the vet was hopeful that we had control of these issues.

She just had a sterile urine collection done and her crystals are gone, but she has a bladder infection. It is an e-coli bacterial infection.

She is back on antibiotics, for the infection and on a special diet to help prevent more crystals. Since we are so uncertain about whether these issues will get resolved, we chose to take her out of ready to adopt.

Otherwise, she is doing just fine and is a happy girl, who would be a loving member of anyone's family.

Just check out her new photo in a Pink fur coat, donated by a caring pug lover. Also, a video of Emi, getting spunky and playing with her foster brothers.

Sleepy Emi
Sleepy Emi!

Emi Getting Rocked and Purring

Foster Update - November 6, 2009

Emi had another bladder infection and crystals. The infection is now gone, but she still has crystals. She is going on a special diet that will get rid of the crystals. She was on it before and it got rid of the crystals.

This will take a month of the diet. She has been to the neurologist, who took an x-ray of her bladder and will be having another one done in a week or so. This may help diagnose her bladder issues.

If she is just be prone to crystals, there is a diet that she can take and a medication that will help control the PH levels. It will take at least a month for us to have a really good idea of what her long term situation will be.

I'm also planning on making her some little panties that will help contain the bowel movements. These tend to happen in the early morning, so she could wear them to bed and around dinner time. Normally, she doesn't wear panties, but lately she has because of the increased urination. If the crystals can be controlled, she should be able to just pee when taken outside. She really does try her best to do the right thing.

We want to ensure that everything that can be done, to diagnose these issues, is done.

Emi is still welcoming applications for the perfect home. There can be further discussions, with the foster mom, if you feel Emi is the dog for you.

Foster Update - September 24

Emi is almost ready for adoption, but needs a re-check to see if the special diet and antibiotics have cleared up any crystals and bladder issues. The neurologist would like to see her as well. These appointments will be happening in October. If you feel you could be a good match for Emi, please e-mail rescue@pugalug.com and I can contact you with more information. She will require someone home most of the time, no stairs or be carried up and down them. She would need a fenced yard, as she can't go for walks. She just toddles about slowly. There will be more details once she is ready for adoption.

Foster Update - September 1

Emi went to the neurologist, for her reassessment. The Doctor showed me the MRI and explained it all to me. The worst area shows trauma right inside the spinal column, which is why it is inoperable. She also has a couple of areas where the discs are compressing the spine.

At this point, she hasn't changed and remains stable. Which means, she can toddle about and do a few small stairs to the backyard. She doesn't attempt to climb the long flight of stairs and the neurologist feels the chance of a tumble and possible serious injury, is not worth trying it.

After our discussion, we decided that Emi should be seen in a month or preferably two months, to see how she is. It is still uncertain if she could improve, stay the same or get worse. All this uncertainty is because we don't know how or when she injured her back. It could even have been a couple of separate incidents.

Emi, also developed another bladder infection and had crystals in her urine. She went on a second course of antibiotics for two weeks. After that, she had another urinalysis and she still has crystals. She has been put on a prescription diet food that should rid her of the crystals.

She has been extremely good about urinating outside, except for a couple days when the infection was at it's worst. The neurologist discussed this with me and feels that it may not be tied to her spinal injury, as she doesn't have accidents when she is on antibiotics. She hasn't had an accident since the second bout of antibiotics was finished. It is a wait and see thing, right now.

So, it looks like she will be in foster care for a month or two, so we can get a better idea of her future.

It's pretty easy to have her around. She is very sweet and cute as a button!

Foster Update - July 29

Emi has been to see the neurologist and it was recommended to do an MRI. The results show that Emi had an acute spinal trauma and bleed. It affected three areas of the spine. The condition is inoperable. It is possible that she could recover more functions, but probably not control of her bowels. She is doing a great job of peeing outside, since her bladder infection cleared up.

In another 4 or 5 weeks, she will go for another assessment to see if she has made any improvement. It does appear that she is able to walk better than when she first came into fostercare. In the meantime, no stair climbing or jumping on or off furniture. She hasn't been able to do those things, anyway.

Emi continues to be the sweetest little girl, with quite a lovable personality.

Foster Update - July 16

Emi had her spay, dental and x-rays done, on July 14th. She had 4 teeth pulled and the rest cleaned. The x-rays showed no signs of problems in her hips and legs. She had a second urinalysis done, as she had an infection a couple of weeks ago. It was clear and no signs of any other problems.

She is doing much better with her peeing outside and doesn't seem to have the leaking issues, which were probably due to the infection. She still may have some neurological problems that may be contributing to her ability to control her bowels. We have scheduled an appointment with a neurologist, to have her assessed. This will happen next week, after she has some time to recover from her surgery.

Emi is charming everyone she meets. She has quite a cute personality. She loves to scamper about the park and yard. They say that black female pugs are always Divas, but Emi is showing her inner Diva quite a bit.


Introduction - July 1

Emi is around 8 years old and an owner surrender. She has been here for a couple of days and was quite anxious, at first. Now, that she is feeling more comfortable, we are seeing her friendly, cute nature coming out. Emi is an apricot colour and has lovely wrinkles. She weighs around 21 1/2 pounds, but should be a bit thinner.

She has already been to the vet. In a couple of weeks she will have her spay, dental and an x-ray done. Sometime in her unknown past, Emi has had some litters, which may explain the condition of her teeth. She also, seems to have some problems with her hind end being rather wobbly. She has to be carried up stairs and has trouble sitting. The x-ray may help explain this, but may not.

She has had some leaking of urine, which may just be from anxiety, an infection or to do with her back issues. Today, she started barking, when she hears other dogs in the neighbourhood. She is curious and will wander about, checking things out. Tonight, she cuddled on the couch and gave my toes a thorough licking. The first day, I had to hand feed her. Tonight, she ate all her dinner and later, went and stood near the treat jar and made it plain that she wanted one!

All in all, Emi is an adorable, good natured pug.

Fostermom Candace