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Eddie - 6 year old male


Happy Tails

Eddie joined our family a month ago today and we couldn't be happier.

Although initially reluctant to go on walks and unable to walk well beside his human friends on a leash, Eddie now seems to enjoy his twice daily walks to a small park near us and occasional longer walks to meet up with other families and dogs when the weather is nice enough. Eddie has learned to walk well beside his humans and he rarely lunges at cars/trucks/moving things now. He loves going into the car for rides to dog food stores ("treats, did someone say treat"), visit friends and family and even pick up his "girl" from daycare/camp. His new seatbelt (that fits him properly) and comfy dog bed in the car helps!

Eddie has completed three obedience classes with Who's Walking Who and is doing his homework each day. He is making great progress, even if it is a bit slower than that of the eager puppies. We're proceeding at "Eddie-time" and that is fine with all of us. Eddie is pretty consistent with "sit", "stay" and "come" and getting better with "heel". He has had lots of exposure to other dogs and people in our busy neighbourhood and others and every experience is helping him become more comfortable being a part of the regular outside world that it seems he was distanced from. One of Eddie's favourite times is bedtime stories with his "girl". Everyone gets on our daughter's bed to read stories and have some cuddles before sleep.

Eddie's walks and his healthy food regime have helped him to stay on his weight-loss regime and he was down to 13.7 kilos last week - this, despite all the healthy treats he has been getting during training and homework! He should be down to his goal weight of 12.5 by Spring no problem. Eddie is currently on a grain-free kibble but we will transition him to raw soon.

Eddie has participated in several events with family and friends at and away from home, and has been a perfect gentleman throughout. Everyone who meets him, loves him and can't believe that such a wonderful dog would have been abandoned. We agree and are so blessed that he gets to live with us.



Stay tuned for more information ...

Eddie has been given a clean bill of health from the vet which means it's time to start looking for the *happy tail* for this BIG, happy boy.

Eddie loves going for walks and is building up his endurance every day. He needs his daily exercise to continue his weight loss regime.

Eddie enjoys playing tug and fetch with his 'green frog' and 'orange bird' that came with him. He can also be found sucking on them on the couch in the evening if he's not chewing a Bully stick or marrow bone.

'Nurse Eddie' LOVES children (particularly 'his boy') as well as people in general and if not 'under foot', is close by at all times. He does not bark excessively but will let you know of someone is at the door or if a strange dog can be seen through the neighbour's fence.

Eddie is truly a delightful boy that would enjoy a busy family with children and other dogs for companionship.



Foster Update, July 1, 2010

Other than being overweight, the vet has declared that Eddie is in perfect health.

Eddie is extremely friendly without a mean bone in his body and gets along with everyone; kids, other dogs, cats, birds...... At home he is either underfoot or on the couch with the kids. Aside from some initial marking, is housebroken.

Eddie LOVES to go for walks and enjoys meeting new people and new dogs. He likes to go for rides in the car; particularly when we have to go to the pet supply store.. He prefers a seatbelt, but will ride in a crate.

He has been an absolute joy to have around the house and will be ready for adoption in early July.

Introduction, June 7, 2010

Eddie is a 6 year old owner surrender. He has spent the day getting acquainted with the resident pugs and people and seems to get along extremely well with everybody. He loves running around our yard, walks in the neighbourhood and the 'Goldfish' crackers my son dropped on the floor. He is a BIG boy, but there should be 'less of him to love' with some regular exercise.