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Dudley - 8 Month Old Male


Happy Tails

Here is a pic of Dudley with his favourite toy "Chicky." We call him Dougy now. It took a long time to gain Dougy's trust, but once we did, it was all worth it. He's loves to be with us all the time - mostly right under our feet :-) - and loves to go on long hikes. Dougy has a lot of energy and likes to chase frisbees. He loves to snuggle on the couch and at bed time, and is very protective of us. We have to remind our guests to keep feet down because he still does not trust the feet of strangers and will sometimes go after them when people lift them, which leads us to believe that feet were probably not his friend in his first home. We love Dougy a lot and can't imagine our lives without him. Thank you Pugalug!

Note from Pugalug: Tremendous kudos to the foster mom and the adoptive family for their amazing progress in helping Dudley/Dougy develop from a lttle dog terrified of people to one who actually trusts his family enough to protect them. This is why we do what we do!

Adopted, December 15, 2013

Dudley has been adopted!

Foster Update, November 9, 2013

Dudley continues to feel secure and loved in his foster home. We understand his triggers and work to avoid actions and situations that cause him stress, and to lash out (nip). Dudley loves to be the centre of attention and has a great amount of energy! He loves to run as fast as he can, chasing balls and sticks, and so loves his large yard with room to run. He is an endless source of entertainment and we just love him to bits!


Foster Update, June 18, 2013

Dudley has begun to show signs that he feels safe in his home and actually rolled over for a belly rub last week; a huge milestone for this wee guy. His coat is healthy and shiny -- a far cry from the dry and unhealthy coat he arrived with. He's become a fairly large boy, so we're thinking perhaps Puggle. We're still very cautious as to his triggers, which can cause him to bite at times, though far less than he did. We're back to wearing a belly band for a bit while we encourage him do to his marking outside.


Foster Update, April 9, 2013

Dudley is doing well in his foster home. He has come an awfully long way, but still has several triggers that lead him to nip/bite - especially people with whom he's not 100% comfortable. We are continuing to help him with these issues. Dudley's mom has learned how to give dog relaxation massages, which helps him tremendously. Dudley likes to be touching his foster mom at all times, often walking between her feet - which has lead to many trips! He also adores his pug sisters, although he does trip them less often!

In the Pug Abode

Although he is a very young dog, he has been badly damaged emotionally from his previous life. He has significant fears of humans and will take a LONG time to adapt to any new home, much less any new people. So we are placing him in the Pug Abode as we consider him "special needs".

He IS available for adoption, but it will only be to a special home that is willing to take the process slowly and work with a behaviourist of our choice. His adopter requirements are listed below.

IF you are interested in applying for Dudley, please email Blanche Axton at inquiries@pugalug.com and we can discuss his needs and how we would like to move forward.

Dudley has come a long way since arriving at Pugalug though he has behavioural issues that still need a great deal of care. Because Dudley has fear and trust issues, it takes some time for him to feel comfortable around most people, especially when his foster mom is not present. If someone were to adopt Dudley, the transition would need to take place over a period of time. Dudley's foster mother has taken some classes with a dog behaviourist to help Dudley along, but complete trust for this boy is going to take time -- if ever. Because Dudley will nip when he feels threatened, a potential adopter would need to be very aware of this and continue the training that Dudley has been working with. Dudley has several triggers that cause a defensive reaction including: walking quickly towards him, angry or loud voices, raised hand, confined spaces and even sometimes just calling him to me. He is surrounded by love, patience and affection in his foster home which is helping Dudley immensely.

Adoption Requirements:

  • Medical Issues: Dudley has Legg Perthes, a disease which causes degeneration of the hip. He recently had surgery on his hip and may need future surgery.
  • Special diet needs: None
  • Behaviour issues: Yes, please read above. Behaviourist consultation will be required.
  • Good with kids? No children.
  • Good with dogs? Yes.
  • Good with cats? No, Dudley chases cats.
  • Housing? Home with fenced yard. Dudley is very energetic.
  • Crate? Absolutely no confined spaces.
  • Time dog is alone? Dudley is unhappy and will bark when left alone. He would best be suited to someone who works from home.
  • House training: Good. Still marks occasionally, we're working on that.
  • Sleeps with humans? Yes.
Foster Update, November 5, 2012

Dudley has had his hip surgery and is recuperating well. The vet removed quite a large ball of bone from his hip joint, which must have been causing him a great deal of pain. He is starting to feeling better and doing a great job of hobbling about on 3 legs. He is a very busy little fellow so one out-of-order leg doesn't slow him down for long! We did receive some bad news from the surgeon though; Dudley has Legg Calve Perthes, a disease which causes spontaneous degeneration of the hip and, ultimately, leads to osteoarthritis. This, unfortunately, will most likely mean that Dudley may need further sugery(s) down the road. Dudley has a follow up appointment with the veterinarian in 4 weeks.

This little man has had a lot of obstacles in his short life but with consistent routine, unconditional love, and understanding what triggers a relapse in his behaviour, we're beginning to see the unguarded Dudley evolve.

Foster Update, September 25, 2012

We've been working steadily with Dudley with a behaviourist to help him overcome several fear/anxiety issues and help him feel comfortable and secure around people. He has some triggers to which he reacts by yapping, lunging and light nipping and we have been trying to sensitize him to quick, surprise movements toward him and anything that he interprets as threatening. Great progress has been made but he may always carry some of these fearful behaviours with him and it is best to try to avoid situations he perceives as threatening. He doesn't shake near strangers anymore but he does avoid them and puts his head and tail down if they come near. Dudley is most comfortable in a calm and safe environment and has always been sweet with the me and more laid-back members of my family. He's very gentle and well-mannered, a completely different dog from when he first came into rescue.

Dudley had an xray taken showing a slight hip problem, causing him to occasionally "do the splits" when he's physically active. This in turn caused a tear in a ligament in his back leg which may need surgery to repair, we're waiting to hear and will know very shortly.

Foster Update, June 12, 2012

Dudley has become very much at ease with his foster family, but is still very nervous of others. Loud voices or footsteps, and sudden movements towards Dudley causes him great anxiety. He will often react with a warning "huff", then may give a small nip if he continues to feel threatened. Dudley is reacting from fear and not aggression, we're seeing this lessen a little bit over time. Dudley responds best to a soft voice and a gentle touch. We will have a visit soon from a dog behaviourist who will give us tips on how to best make him feel comfortable with other people so that he can integrate smoothly into a loving forever home.


Foster Update, May 11, 2012

Dudley had his wellness check up and microchip insertion. He's a healthy boy and weighs 20lbs. He was a little gentleman with my veterinarian who fell in love with him.

Dudley has come a long way in a few weeks from a frightened, aggressive little dog to a happy-go-lucky, loving and energetic puppy. Once he overcame his fear of my family and myself, and realized we're there to love him and not harm him, he began to relax. Now he wriggles with delight when he sees us and has lots of kisses to give. Though we're working on making him aware that our hair and ears are not edible.

He loves to run and play in our large fenced yard with his foster brother and sisters. Dudley has LOTS of energy and needs a lot of exercise. He's great with other dogs and loves to rough-house.

He's still very nervous with strangers but I think this is something he'll overcome with lots of consistent love and reassurance.


Introduction, April 22, 2012

Dudley is an adorable young pug mix -- mostly pug. Due to issues with the grandchild in the family, Dudley was surrendered to Pugalug. Dudley is extremely fearful of humans but has latched on to his foster mother like a fly to fly paper. He is still very nervous of the rest of his foster family and will not yet approach them, shaking and growling when they approach him. Dudley already gets along wonderfully with his foster pug brother and sisters. When you finally do gain Dudley's trust, Dudley lets loose a waterfall of love and silly pug puppyness.

Dudley will soon be going for a wellness check up.