352 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Doug - 3 Year Old Male


Doug's Foster Buddies:

  • Rozanne Lecompte
  • Jen Cunliffe
  • Jill Bellisomo
  • Gillian Horwood-McArthur
  • Brian Hoessler- Best wishes for a quick recovery from Brian, Carolyn, & Winnie the Pug (who knows all about knee surgery!)
  • Jill and Jason Zigomanis - In memory of the pug Pucci (formerly rescue Poochie)
  • Bob and Doreen MacDonald

Once in awhile a dog comes into your family's life and makes a difference. For us that dog is Doug. He settled into our family very quickly, and just seemed at home. We knew that he was in need of some vet work, and that his recovery time from the dental would be nothing compared to the time recovering from his knee surgery. We were ready to do what ever he needed. When we were bringing Doug home from the VEC, he was in our son's lap. As I drove, Doug stared at me the whole way home. At first I thought he was angry with me for leaving him at the VEC, but I soon realized he was just saying "take me home". We talked it over as a family, and all agreed that Doug's furever home is with us. Lots of dogs in foster care are ready for their journey to continue with one more stop, but for Doug we all knew this was to be his home. Looking after him has been our pleasure, and now we can call him ours. Doug, you are no longer in foster care; you're home!

Love, your foster and now furever family.

Foster Update, October 30, 2010

Doug arrived home on Friday from the VEC who took wonderful care of him, but I'm sure Doug feels "there's no place like home" He has settled into his new routine very well, we have set up a comfy place for him in the family room, so that he can still feel apart of the family. He is just allowed to go outside to do his business, and then back to rest. In the evenings he likes to snuggle up on the couch, this is ok as along as we keep a hand on him, because he's not allowed to jump for at least 12 weeks, as well as no stairs, this is fine with Doug due to the fact that snuggling and being carried are two us his favourite things. He has a recheck at the VEC in 2 weeks, and then x-rays at 4 and 8 weeks.


Foster Update, October 27, 2010

Doug was a brave little soldier today as he underwent surgery to repair both of his knees. We have spoken with the doctor and all went very well. He will be in the hospital for a couple of nights, we hope to have him home Friday or Saturday. He'll have a long recovery, but each day will be one further into the process of being the bouncy pug that he loves to be. We miss him very much and are looking forward to him returning home bandages and all.

Foster Update, October 7, 2010

Doug had his dental yesterday, and came through it very well. The broken tooth was a little stubborn to remove, but it's out now and should heal nicely. He was a very sleepy boy last evening, but is bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. He's a little bit sore, but the medication should keep him comfortable while his mouth heals.

Doug is an excellent house guest, and a very snuggly boy. We have had no marking problems for quite a while, but we still keep a very close eye on him, which isn't hard, because he follows us where ever we go. As long as he's with someone he's content. The next big step for this sweet little man will happen on Oct 27th, when he goes to the VEC to have his knees repaired. He'll be there for a few days, and everyone here will miss him, and be anxious to get him home.



Foster Update, September 29 2010

Doug has had his assessment by the surgeon at the VEC and he will be getting both of his knees operated on. This will happen on October 27th and will be a pricey little bit of surgery at around the $5,000 mark. However, the surgeon wanted to have Doug's teeth taken care of first and that will be happening the week of October 4th. Poor little man is getting the "front to back" treatment. So Doug will get his teeth taken care of by his regular vet and then will go to the VEC after he's healed for his knee surgery.

He remains a very lovable little man who is happy to lie in your arms and snooze or cuddle up with his foster sister, Stella, for some quality pug time.

Foster Update, September 22, 2010

Doug has had his initial vetting and is healthy overall. However, he has pretty severe bi-lateral luxation of his patellas. He also has a recently fractured tooth that will need to be removed. So Doug the Pug will be off to the VEC in the immediate future to get his knees squared away and to remove the fractured fang.

He is a lovely and snuggly boy who loves to be with his people. Much of his marking behaviour seems to be related to being left or having someone leave. If supervised, he has done well and is clean as a whistle in his crate. He enjoys a good romp with his foster sister, Stella, and is generally a very sweet and loveable boy.

Introduction, September 18, 2010

Doug is an owner surrender. He is a totally adorable package of black pug cuteness. He has settled into our household routine very well, and gets along with everyone he meets, dogs and people alike. I do think he has a soft spot for his pug-sister Stella. He has a little bit of work to do on marking, but with a strict routine and 100% supervision at all times out of his crate, it's going well. Doug is very easy to work with, and responds well to training, oh... and he has the official pug snuggle thing down pat. We are off to the vet on Tuesday for a check-up. Even the people at the clinic can't wait to meet him, they have all been asking about "the pug named Doug."