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Dodger - 9.5 year old male


Dodger's Foster Buddies:

  • Simone Norman
  • Jennifer Diakoumeas
  • Jill Bellisomo
  • Karen Wright
  • Doris Drewett
  • Natalie Kelly

Donations in Memory of Dodger

  • Simone Norman
  • Dawn Hunter

Dodger's Tribute

We are so very sad about Dodger's passing. He fought so hard but he grew tired. He lost the twinkle in his big black eyes, his ears weren't as high, his legs were so weak, even Flea couldn't cheer him up.

Dodger was a special guy in that he had the entire pugalug group to help him. There were people who applied to adopt him and had the strength to admit he may not be the one for them but they would help someone else; for that he thanks you. There were people who chose him to be their foster buddies; for that he thanks you. There were people who volunteered time and gave money at gatherings so that he, and all his foster friends, could get the wonderful medical care they need (something he did not have before); for that he thanks you.

There were people who worked hard to bring him to pugalug; for that he thanks you. There were people who gave him special gifts like a new harness and "big boy pants"; for that he thanks you. There are many, many of you who thought of him and us, who sent special thoughts our way even on the really hard days; for that he thanks you. He got the very best medical care anyone could hope for; for that he thanks you (Dr. Kirkham) and people who helped him to the bridge with dignity and honour; for that he thanks you (Dr. O'Toole).

For everything he had been through, Dodger trusted us so much. Often he tried to act like a puppy (a nickname he responded to from the first day we had him). He woowooed for his favorite food, to be snuggled on the couch, to walk outside in the sun. We smiled every time he did that. He rested his big, round head on our legs to make sure we knew he was there (we always know he was there). He got to meet special friends at pugalugs and he even went on a boat cruise.

We miss him with all our hearts. He is in good company.

Run and play sweet man. Love from all your people and pets at Pugalug.


Dodger has gone to the rainbow bridge

Dodger has gone to the Bridge.  His foster mothers let him go in peace and dignity.  His long fight against infections and trauma is over.  If there is a Highway of Heroes at the Rainbow Bridge, then dogs will be stopping to watch Dodger pass by.

Dodger was a fighter and a trooper.  He fought hard against the multiple health issues with which he came into rescue.  Unfortunately, his body just couldn't fight any longer.  He had gone into a multi-system failure--heart, lungs, spine and bladder.  Although he came to us very compromised health wise, his lovely nature and sweet disposition shone through.

Update - September 29, 2009

Due to trauma in his early years, Dodger has had ongoing problems with bladder control and infections.  This has continued while he has been in foster care.  Lately, he has been battling a persistent, aggressive infection.  This has required him to be on some pretty strong meds, which unfortunately haven't healed him yet.  Since he has been visiting the vet every couple of months to get his bladder flushed and his condition monitored, his foster parents have decided, in consultation with the vet, to undertake more of the medical care in the hopes that this will help Dodger fight off the infection faster.

While Dodger does require some ongoing medical and personal care, he continues to be a very happy boy, loving all living things.  His move to the Abode was an acknowledgment of his medical status as well as the inability to find him a forever home through the regular adoption posting.  He will always have some minor, ongoing issues, they are, however, very easy to manage once the basics are learned and a routine is worked out.  He is a kind, gentle spirit who is very happy and sweet.  He enjoys his life to his fullest potential (except his "bedtime flea"; he won't share that!!)

Update - July 5

Dodger received a special present from Florida. Cindy from Fashionable Furbabies custom made him his own pants (which are very manly). He wears them very proudly. Also, he is more confident going the bathroom outside. His accidents are minimal now which is very good news for him.

Dodger loves going to the park. He can wander at his own pace. He is very sociable and loves meeting other dogs and people.

One of Dodger's favourite things (other than eating) is getting a bath. He loves sitting in the sink, splashing in the bubbles, getting hosed off and having a big rub dry.

He still sucks on his stuffed flea every night at bed time. I have resisted the strong urge to wash it for him.

Dodger is a very sweet, affectionate gentleman who is still waiting for the perfect forever home.



Update - June 7

Since the warmer weather has arrived, Dodger is enjoying being outside. We have concluded that Dodger knows to go the bathroom outside and actually asks to go out. However, due to his neurological condition, he sometimes just "leaks" and he doesn't even know he is doing it. This has become significantly less now that he is feeling better and is confident go outside.

Dodger went to the vet yesterday for another check up. The ultrasound showed that his bladder was full of "sludge" again. As a result, part of Dodger's care will be to have his bladder flushed every 2.5 to 3 months. This will help to prevent stones, infection and crystals. Also, his bladder is unusually large due to past injuries so he is never able to express it full.

Dodger is enjoying the spring weather. He has some "puppy" moments and runs, rolls in the grass, and plays with lots of toys. He loves car rides, meeting new people and dogs, and exploring new areas.

He is gaining confidence in himself since he knows he will be loved just the way he is and not reprimanded. He knows what is expected of him; he is very smart and appreciates a routine. He is still sensitive, kind and very sweet.

Dodger, Jasper (middle) and Winston

Adopter Requirements

Dodger is a very kind, sweet man. He is passive and wise. Dodger gets nervous about change but does adjust once he feels safe and learns the routine. He needs a steady, stable environment where he can stay forever. Dodger was injured when he was young and he did not receive the medical attention he required. As a result he will need ongoing medical attention which is not costly but must be attended to. Medical issues are:
  • Dodger has very weak hind legs. He can walk but not far or fast. He has problems with stairs. He has just started going up our three stairs on the back deck.

  • Dodger needs to urinate frequently and needs someone to be patient and kind as he often has accidents. He often cannot control this and doesn't know he is doing it. He is let out often and praised a lot, and is doing better at going the bathroom outside but he still has accidents. He tries very hard. He is prone to infections.

  • Dodger has limited vision and dry eye. He needs drops three times a day. Because he can't see very well, he needs a home that is safe for him and a family that can work with a visually impaired dog.

Dodger really enjoys the company of other animals and loves to play. If he has fur siblings, they must be gentle. Dodger is sensitive and his feelings can get hurt easily.

Dodger does not demand a lot of attention but really appreciates it. He sometimes waits for his meal in the kitchen and rests his chin on our leg.

Dodger sleeps in the big bed and sucks on his "stuffed flea" every night to put himself to sleep. He sleeps through the night. We put a "pee pad" under him.

Foster Update - April 16

Doger went for his vet visit last week. He had a blood test, cyctotomy, and X rays done. It was determined that the bladder was full of calcium and sludge so a complete flushing has been scheduled.

Other than that, Dodger is a very sweet, kind natured guy. He is very social and gets along very well with other dogs, cats and everyone he has met so far. Although his vision is limited, he finds his way around and is surprisingly very trusting.

Foster Update - March 24

Dodger is settling in very well; he is very kind and gentle. he is nervous because of his vision but a great guy. He is also quite big and doesn't need to loose that much weight. His head is massive; he is full bodied! He loves to be outside and wanders all over the very little yard.

We go in tomorrow for a vet consult. We'll have a vet update then

Introduction - March 21

Sweet, playful Dodger has come to us from a caring vet near North Bay. He was dropped off there by the former owners because of his medical issues. It seems Dodger has been through several homes during his lifetime. At birth he was diagnosed bilaterally cryptorchid. At 13 months he was hit by a car which probably caused nerve damagae to his elimination areas.

He was brought in to be euthanized but the good folks at Shannondale Pet Hospital undertook to bring him back to a healthy state. The vet tech there has been caring for him for the past 2 months while he recuperated from his bladder issues and Urinary Tract Infection. They contacted us when he was ready and we have brought him into our foster care. His foster mom Sandy sent the following:

" "Dodger is a very sweet guy. He is 9.5 years old. He is full of energy and seems like a real joker. Dodger has quite limited vision but he hears very well. He seems to really like company of other dogs. Dodger seems full of energy and I think he is going to be a lot of fun.