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Dexter - 6 Year Old Male


Happy Tails

Dexter is great. He has adjusted well and is such an easy going dog. He's in love with my teenage daughter and she with him. My son has also really warmed up to him and if we even joke about Dexter leaving, he says "No! Dexter lives here!"


Dex is really a great dog, incredibly goofy and active. He really likes to go for walks and play outside. He likes other dogs, but is a bit hesitant when they approach him too forcefully or are noisy. Our other pug is mostly quiet and aloof and they get along perfectly well.

He loves to meet people and gets very sad when he sees someone and they don't come say hi to him. Dex loves everybody so much he jumps up and greets them with total delight. He's quite strong and can knock people over! He also really enjoys running if given the chance, and likes to walk several times a day. Dexter would do well with some obedience training to help him learn not to jump on people.

He seems to like the neighbourhood cats, but barks at them to try and entice them to talk to him. Dexter will also bark at dogs he sees at a distance, but just a 'Hey! Hey you!' kind of bark. He has a number of vocalizations and will rub his face on the carpet in exasperation if he's waiting for you to walk him.

He has absolutely zero housetraining issues and is not at all destructive. Dex doesn't enjoy the vacuum, loud percussive noises, or thunder. He isn't terrified by them; he does protest a bit. He will give you a high five for a cookie if you ask him; he learned that through watching my other pug. He does hump his beds, but nothing else; this just seems to be a goofy behaviour, and he stops when told to do so.

Dexter is challenging to ride in the car, although he absolutely loves to do so. If he figures out, that you are about to leave for the car, he will try and accompany you. Dex is incredibly vocal in the car and tries to launch himself around. He either has to ride in a car seat or a crate.

He loves to sleep with you, and very much likes to have his belly scratched upon wakening and will roll all over the bed on his back in delight. If you don't wake up in a timely fashion, he'll walk up you like a sidewalk and sit on your head to inform you it's time!

Dex would love a family with kids, hopefully older so he doesn't knock them over, with a fenced yard to play football in, with people who will keep him active and walk him a lot. I think he'd be okay with a cat if given time to adjust to them. Dexter would do well with a calm dog.

Anyone lucky enough to adopt Dexter will have a happy and fun little friend who is always in a great mood. He's an amazingly lovely pug.

Foster Update, May 17, 2014

Dexter has had his dental cleaning and microchipping now. He did well and recovered almost immediately. He continues to be his ever-happy self and as healthy as can be, although he still needs to lose a bit of weight. No doubt that will come with time as he is certainly getting a lot of exercise and play time now, especially with his beloved football. He also enjoys the antler chews that we bought for him to help keep his teeth clean.

Dexy has no significant behavioural issues; he is vocal with cats, but that's because he's curious about them, but he's not aggressive in any way (our patient neighbourhood cat is pictured in the photos interacting with him). He is delighted by everyone that he meets and jumps up to greet them. He is remarkably strong, so having a good grip on his leash is essential or he'll knock them down in his exuberance. He adores everybody that he meets, and always tries to find something on the ground to give to them, be it a rock, grass clippings, or a leaf. Our other pug has taught him how to give a high five and Dexter is quite enthusiastic about his new skill.

Dex still humps his beds, but nothing else, and it mostly seems to be related to anxiety or high energy; he tends to do it when I vacuum or when he's feeling particularly goofy. He stops when told to do so. Car rides continue to be a challenge, but hopefully with time he'll be slightly less noisy. He doesn't care for my husband's taste in music and barks vociferously at jazz drumming in particular. He isn't much of a barker otherwise. He does have an unfortunate habit of waking you up by walking up you like a sidewalk and sitting on your head. Every pug has their quirk, and this is his. It's effective, to say the least!

Dexter would do particularly well in a family setting with older children, with a fenced yard and owners devoted to keeping him well exercised and played with often. They would also need to be physically capable of restricting him from knocking over the people that he meets in his joy of meeting them. He needs to be kept on a high quality, grain free food to prevent yeastiness. (He still itches sometimes, but it's mostly him rubbing his face on the rug while he waits for you to hurry up and walk him, not out of true itchiness).

Dexter has been a delight to foster and will be a happy little friend for some lucky owners.

Dexter   Dexter



Foster Update, April 14, 2014

Dextor continues to be a delight. His blood work came back normal except for a slightly elevated lipid level, which the vet thinks will resolve with weight loss. He is otherwise healthy, but will have a dental cleaning soon as he has some tartar. He will get his microchip then. He has already lost quite a bit of the weight that he needed to lose, and just has a couple of pounds left, but fortunately he has taken up jogging(!), and we think that'll slim him right down. The vet has set his target weight at 25 lbs; he is a long and tall pug.

Personality-wise, Dex is a delight. He enjoys playing football with the neighbourhood kids, and greets everyone that he meets with such exuberance that I think sometimes his tail will wag right off; he is particularly fond of the ladies and races up to every woman that he meets. Dexy is super active and strong, and if he had his way, he'd go for walks six times a day; he will need an owner committed to maintaining his active lifestyle when he is adopted. He has adjusted to his new diet and is doing well on it, but is not very food motivated at all; he'd much rather play tug. He also likes to bark (softly) at the birds in the morning; he thinks the blue jays and killdeer are too loud and tells them so. He's not a dominant dog and is a little uncertain around other dogs, although he seems to like meeting them. He will let my bossy pug steal his dinner if I don't separate them.

The only slight issue is that he is really difficult to manage in the car; even with a seatbelt tether, he manages to launch himself off the seat, and he squeaks and screams as he rides; I don't think that he's had much experience in a car. We are trying to take him for short jaunts to get him used to it, but he'll probably have to be crated for car rides. He's also prone to jumping up to greet someone, and because he can pull quite hard sometimes, this is hard to stop, but it's just out of his love for everybody.

He has to be the only pug on earth who doesn't mind the rain, and it puts him in a silly mood when he comes inside, and he races around the house, bringing you toys to play with him.

Dexter is really a lovely little fellow who brightens the day of everyone that he meets. I call him Mr. Easy-Peasy Lemon Squeezy - he is easygoing and adaptable and happy as can be.



Introduction, March 26, 2014

Dexter is a 6-year-old neutered male pug who was surrendered by his owners due to allergies in the family.

Dexy has to be the happiest pug I've ever met; he's a bundle of merry, waggy joy and loves for people to talk to him. He is a very chatty pug and, as soon as he sees his leash, he begins making all kinds of crazy noises because he really enjoys his walks. He seemed to have a touch of allergic itching and yeastiness in his wrinkle and ears when he came to us, but once we switched his food, it stopped; he has made it quite clear that he isn't into kibble though, and we will have to work on that issue. He needs to lose some weight, but considering how much he loves walking, it shouldn't take long. He warmed up to us right away, and curled up and slept in our bed the first night like he had always been here, rolling merrily on his back for a scratch when it was time to get up. Our resident pug is tolerating him nicely, and Dex rather enjoys tossing toys around the living room while his foster brother watches from his perch. Dex didn't seem to be used to stairs when he first came, but has mastered them nicely and follows me everywhere.

Dex does have a rather silly habit of biting and humping his dog beds, which I initially thought was from anxiety, but actually seems just to be a goofy habit; he isn't attempting to dominate, and if you tell him to stop, he does. Other than that, he really doesn't have any issues and is a delight to have around.