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Daisy - 2003-2014


Daisy is at the Rainbow Bridge

As a puppy mill survivor , Daisy has been through a lot in her life and deserves a home where she is treated like a queen. She gets along with our resident pugs (and cats) but would LOVE to be a spoiled 'only child'. She loves nothing more than being with her people, whether out and about, on the couch or 'supervising' the kids, when they are playing Wii.

Daisy is in good health as her PLE is well managed, through diet. She also gets Sasha's Blend for her (slight) arthritis and the Tear-Gel for her eyes is not prescription. Fruits and vegetables are well received, low-fat treats. She can be 'grabby' with her treats but I expect this may improve when she is not in a multi-dog situation. Daisy is the easiest dog I've ever given eye drops to, which is great as she gets them twice a day, to keep them healthy. If she had opposable thumbs, I'm convinced she would do it herself.

Daisy walks like a dream, on a lead and enjoys her outings. If road trips are part of your lifestyle, Daisy is quite happy to hop into the car and let the good times roll.

Daisy is comfortable being confined to the kitchen/tv room when we go out for a few hours and always gives us the 'royal greeting' when we arrive home.

Foster Update

Daisy has continued to make huge improvements in the last couple months and is becoming quite a lovely, well-adjusted little girl. She has come to love our resident pug and seems to find his presence calming, which has pretty much resolved her separation anxiety. She is not longer upset by our leaving the house. In fact, she doesn't even get up to say goodbye, preferring to stay cuddled up in her bed instead. She is still very excited to see us when we return and can be a bit vocal, but she quiets down after a few seconds.

She has been able to meet and stay with a number of new dogs over the summer. She does very well with all of them and eagerly sniffs hello and allows the other dogs to sniff as well. She has done very well with staying in other foster homes with their resident pugs while we have been away on a couple trips. Both visits have gone quite well and she seems to enjoy the puggy company. She also shared a home with a cat for a few days and seemed indifferent to it, even when it used her back as a launch pad! She is also much better with our resident chihuahua. Although he still dislikes her greatly, she usually ignores him, preferring to look to us for a pat or cuddle instead!

Daisy's health continues to improve. Her most recent blood tests have confirmed what we already knew, that her PLE remains extremely stable and is being managed effectively with diet alone. Also, her corneal graft has healed completely and does not bother her in the least!

Daisy's biggest improvement, as of late, involves a crate. Slowly, over the past couple months, Daisy has decided (on her own) that our pug's plastic crate is a fabulous place to be. In fact, she now spends most of her time in it and, most recently, we have been able to close the door of the crate and she will sleep soundly in there until morning. This was a huge improvement for her and we hope that it will continue and she will become comfortable being crated in other situations as well.

Daisy is so smart and sweet. She just amazes us every day! She will make a wonderful pet to anyone who opens their heart and home to her.




Foster Update

Daisy is a sweet little girl who loves nothing more than spending time with her human family. She is affectionate, curious and a bit intense, especially first thing in the morning. You will never oversleep your alarm with Daisy around. She loves to wake people up with lots of snorty kisses! She does settle down quite quickly and happily follows her foster mom around during her morning routine (not that I mind!). She is content to cuddle but is up in a flash whenever there is any activity. She enjoys obedience training and has come quite a long way since arriving in our home. She has now mastered "Sit" and is well on her way to learning how to "Wait".

Daisy prefers people to dogs and has become particularly attached to her foster mom. She doesn't have a problem with our very docile resident pug; however she likes to be the boss and does not do well with our particularly bossy resident chihuahua. She would do best in a home with no dogs; however exceptions may be made if the resident dog is a docile dog (preferably another pug), who has never shown any sign of aggression.

Daisy loves to go for walks, but they should be fairly short due to her arthritis. Playing inside or out in the backyard is a great way for her to get exercise as well while protecting her arthritic elbow. Daisy can also jump on and off furniture quite easily, but her adoptive family will need to purchase or build a set of stairs to help her get on and off the couch and/or bed without hurting her elbow. We can provide guidance on how to build a simple set of stairs if you're handy in that way.

Daisy has recently been weaned off the predisone that she was taking to help with her PLE. She is doing very well so far. However, the adoptive family will need to be committed to maintaining Daisy's diet in order to keep her PLE in check. Her kibble can be found at your local vet's office and is comparably priced to other quality dog kibble such as Wellness.

Daisy is also doing very well in regards to her corneal graft. She has had her final surgery to detach the graft from its main blood supply. This procedure will allow the graft to begin healing so that it will eventually fade into her eye, leaving only a small white scar. She will require eye lubricant drops twice a day in her left eye for the rest of her life and, as a preventative measure, she will require lubricant drops in her right eye once daily for the rest of her life as well. These drops can be easily found at any vet or drug store.

Her new family will also need to continue working with her in regards to her separation anxiety. Her foster dad has been video-taping her while she's home alone to monitor her anxiety and she has greatly improved since being in foster care. She looks forward to receiving her Kong toys filled with kibble and they do a good job at distracting her for about 20 minutes. She is a bit anxious, after finishing her Kongs, but the barking has been reduced to a few soft, sad howls and she is fairly quick to settle into her bed and sleep while her foster parents are gone during the day. Daisy should not be crated or penned when left alone because of her puppy mill experience. We found that confining her to the kitchen with a wooden barricade is the least stressful for her.

Daisy is housebroken and waits until we let her out, which is about 3-4 times per day. She will still eliminate occasionally when left alone due to her separate anxiety, but we have found that if she does her business immediately prior to us leaving, it will reduce the likelihood of her having an accident. She sometimes can be a bit stubborn with doing her business before you leave in the morning, but treats can be helpful in convincing her to do so.

Daisy is just the sweetest little girl with just the right amount of spunk! We just love her! She will be the perfect little companion for the right family.

Foster Update, May 16, 2011

Daisy continues to improve in her foster home, although she has had an interesting time during the past couple weeks.

Almost two weeks ago, Daisy suffered a superficial corneal ulcer that unfortunately took a very quick turn for the worse and developed into a melting corneal ulcer. Surgery was performed to graft a piece of skin over the ulcer to protect the eye and help it heal. The post-surgery healing process is quite intensive and she's had to receive antibiotic and moisturizing eye drops every 4, 8 or 12 hours (depending on the drop) for the past two weeks, along with oral antibiotics and anti-inflammatories and, of course, she has been fitted with a lovely cone. She has taken it all in true Daisy style and happily lets us administer her eye drops and she gobbles up her medication like a pro ... no kibble necessary! We just had her first follow-up appointment and her eye is healing quite well. Her drops have been reduced to every 8 or 12 hours, which is great because I think we were all starting to suffer sleep deprivation! She will require the drops and the cone for the next month until her second follow-up at which time the vet will schedule her in for another surgery to have the blood supply to the skin graft removed to allow the graft to fade into the eye, leaving only a small scar. She should not have any future problems with her vision or the eye itself.

On a much more positive note, her PLE continues to be very stable (a very good sign given her recent stressors!) and the vet is hoping to be able to stop her PLE medication altogether and manage the PLE with diet alone. Her arthritis treatments are going well, although we will wait until she has completed her treatment before we decide if there has been any significant improvement. She also continues to improve behaviourally for the most part. Her separation anxiety continues to lessen as she learns to distract herself with toys and sleep during the day and although she still has a tendency to eliminate shortly after we leave, it's decreasing in frequency. She is still having some difficulty getting along with our resident chihuahua but we are going to be working with a behaviourist to help her with that. She loves to hang out with my pug though. They've become pretty good friends and enjoy hanging out together, especially in bed!

She still amazes us with her ability to let everything just roll off her back!





Foster Update, April 19, 2011

Daisy continues to do well in her foster home and has now had a vet evaluation.

Her recent lab results showed that, for the most part, her levels are right where they should be in regards to her PLE with the exception of elevated blood urea attributable to her former diet. Her transition to the new low-fat food is going well so it's likely that her blood urea levels will return to normal soon. Daisy had higher than normal levels of platelets and neutrophils as well, but the vet said that those results are common in dogs with inflammatory diseases so we'll just monitor them. Daisy also had 12 teeth removed, two of which fell out on their own. She has recovered quite well and her breath is far more pleasant! X-rays indicated that Daisy has arthritis in her left elbow which is causing her limp. The vet has suggested some treatment options which we will be pursuing. Some arthritis is developing in the right elbow but is probably not causing her any pain at this point.

Daisy's separation anxiety has improved lately. She still has a tendency to eliminate shortly after we leave but her howling has almost abated and she'll quickly go back to her kong or sitting quietly. She is becoming accustomed to the wooden barricade used to confine her to the kitchen when we are out. She is socializing better now with the resident pug and chihuahua and we even caught her sleeping in our pug's crate one evening. Daisy interacted well with all the guests at a recent birthday party. She did bark a bit when they first came in, but she loved the attention, and the extra noise and commotion didn't bother her in the least.


Introduction, March 28, 2011

Daisy is a sweet little girl who has been returned to Pugalug due to changes in her family's circumstances. She is up-to-date with her shots and her PLE (protein losing enteropathy) has been well managed. We do have some concerns about potential arthritis and food allergies but we will be taking her to the vet next weekend to have everything checked out. She has settled in quite nicely in her new foster home. She is a happy girl who loves to give kisses and play tug-of-war. She listens well and only barks when someone comes to the front door. Even if our own dogs are barking, she will simply sit back and observe. She has also done well with going outside and walks well on a leash. She has only had one accident, which occurred shortly after she arrived. At bedtime, she will happily sleep either on our bed or in her own bed on the floor and she sleeps through the night without any issues. Overall, she is a darling little girl who has been an absolute dream to have.

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