338 pugs rescued since October, 2005

"A dog likes to obey. It gives them security"
James Herriot

"Nor does anyone who has ever owned a dog need to be told the sound a man makes as he bends over a dog that has been his for many years."
Eric Knight

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Pug Nuggets

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor Society

A painting by folk artist Honora, showing the Duke and Duchess along with 2 pugs (wearing crowns of course), graces the cover of the Society's magazine

RAAA Returns

If you havent' visited our favourite cartoon pug lately, then surf on over to Raaa Studio's website. The have been busy creating new adventures for their pug. This still is taken from Pug Cam 2

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Pugs In Books

Pug Talk Magazine

"Pug talk is the only breed magazine dedicated to pure-bred Pugs for over 30 years. Twice awarded The American Dog Writer’s Award for best single breed magazine, PUG TALK is written by Pug people for Pug people."

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Pugs In Movies

Mansfield Park (1999)

Canada's own Patricia Rozema (born in Sarnia) wrote and directed this wonderful movie adaptation of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park. Plenty of pug shots in the movie.

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Bertram with her pug in the background

Pugs In Art


William H. Hopkins (English, 1880)
Oil on Canvas

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