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Conroy McArthur - 4 month old male

beans aka conroy

Conroy McArthur's Foster Buddies:

  • John McArthur/Gillian Horwood
  • BMO class F039
  • Adrienne, Terry & Pug Ladybug Wong
Happy Tails - Conroy is now Beans!

Life with Beans

Beans has adapted to his new family nicely. He faithfully follows his older brother Pickles, wrestling with him for toys and happily cleaning his ears as they rest on the couch. While playing in the park you can find Beans stealing Pickles stick out of his mouth or pulling on his tail to entice him to play. Beans has learned to be active, enjoying afternoons in the park and working on his obedience training in the morning. He can sit, lay down, wait and touch on command. We have been working on long leash training, and he no longer pulls when he walks. He is 90% housebroken, with just the odd accident. Beans loves to cuddle, whether it is with Pickles, Iggy the cat or myself, the little guy loves a warm body beside him. He has put on some weight, he is currently up to 16lbs.


Conroy is Adopted!

Stay tuned for a Happy tails.

Conroy is a friendly, goofy BIG puppy with a lot of Flying Wallenda in him! Due to unknown history, but suspect limited time and attention paid to him, he is somewhat socially awkward. Conroy has oodles of potential when it comes to training but currently only knows sit. We are slowly working on his manners in general (leash and jumping up on people). He is very food and toy motivated therefore I believe he is highly trainable.

Conroy is not house broken but will use papers inside. He does not like the cold so isn't good about going outside yet, but with time and patience he can be trained. Expect accidents and you must be committed to continue work on his house training as it needs significant improvement. He cries for about 5-10 minutes when first put to bed and sometimes gets up early and will cry. He is quiet when he is sleeping with my dog. He has been very friendly with every person that has come over or approached him on our walks.

Currently Conroy is on his own for 9 hours — but this is why he is not house-broken — he can not go that long. He will need someone who can come home to let him out during the day or be willing to get a dog walker to take him out. Though he can be alone during the day — he is very active all evening. His new home will have to have the ability to provide this young, vigorous dog with sufficient exercise, attention and socialization. Conroy currently lives with a female pug and a VERY dog friendly cat. I am not sure how he would be around a less dog tolerant cat. He has met male dog and larger dogs on walks and is fine with them.

Foster Update, February 9, 2010

The international dog of mystery is now up-to-date on his vaccinations and had all three of his surgical procedures (neuter, cherry eye and umbilical hernia repair) yesterday. This was done so that he would only have to undergo anaesthesia once. He was pretty pitiful last night but has bounced back completely today. He will be in a cone for 7-10 days and luckily adjusted to it very quickly. He returns to the vet for follow up and to have his stitches removed in about 10 days. His eyes were so swollen and red yesterday it was hard to see how they might look with out the cherry eye but today I can tell he has lovely light brown eyes. He will be gorgeous when he has fully healed.

He has been with me for two weeks and I am finally seeing some personality that is not just "I am a 4 month old puppy" behaviour. I am going to try to not gush too much but he is a great little guy.

This is what I have noticed so far:
Likes: treats, playing, toys of all kinds, nylabones, and real bones, playing with the dog, the cat and me (in that order), running around, jumping on and off the couch and is just starting to like walks.
Dislikes: Being outside in the cold, getting eye drops, having anyone look at his teeth.

He goes to his room willingly at bedtime and when I leave for work (with a treat incentive) and is quite well behaved when on his own. He does wake up in the early morning most nights and cries. I am not entirely sure why this is happening but I think he is being woken up by the cat and thinks we should all be up. He does rip up his newspapers sometimes and chews on the wooden gate a little but otherwise is not destructive. He loves to play and he is a very vocal player -- lots of growls, gurgles and yips. He does bark sometimes but mostly when he is playing. He is learning to not play bite humans and is picking that up well. He is also learning to sit and to fetch. He is bright and wants to please but is still young and has limited focus. Luckily he is both treat and toy motivated so I believe he will be easily trainable.

The house-training is proving to be a challenge. Since he is on his own for the entire day and can not be expected at his age to hold it that long, he is being paper trained. He is slowly getting the idea of where to go when inside. He still does not understand that it is o.k. to go outside too. This will be something he will need help with.

He likes to sit on my lap but doesn't have to. He does follow me wherever I go but will also venture into other rooms on his own -- though I don't let him do that too much. He is content to sit in his bed by himself and chew a bone or toy, when the rest of us are tired out (for a while).

Overall I think he is a very sweet puppy. I think the best way to describe him is that he is very middle of the road -- not sure if that makes sense but basically he does not have extremes. He can be active but is not a nut about it (or if he is, it is only for a short time). He is curious but doesn't get into much trouble. He adapts well to a routine and doesn't challenge what is asked of him (except with the eye drops -- but I am trying to slowly get him used to those). He is mischievous but not really naughty. He is a lovely and funny little puppy.

Foster Update, January 27, 2010

Conroy is doing well and is very active. Here's a few more pictures!





Introduction, January 23, 2010

Conroy McArthur is a brindle pug mix approximately 4 months old. He came to Pugalug without a name and since he arrived on the day that Pugalug was so fortunate to be a part of the Shorcan Annual Charity event, he has been named after the president of Shorcan and the Pugalugger that got Pugalug included in this fantastic event. It is because of them that this little guy has a second chance and will get the medical treatment he needs.

He arrived here last night and has been going non-stop. He is hard to photograph since he is always in motion. He seems quite comfortable in his new surroundings and loves playing tug with Maude. He also discovered the cat today and finds it fun to chase him. He was gated alone last night and cried a little but settled down eventually. He was also left alone during the day and was waiting quietly at the gate when I came home. It is too early to really tell his personality but he appears to be a busy, happy puppy. Conroy has already been at the vet and has a few medical concerns that will be taken care of before he is ready for adoption. As you can see in his picture he has double cherry eye that will be surgically treated once he has had all his vaccines. He is on some drops to see if the swelling will go down in the meantime. He also has cryptorchidism and an umbilical hernia, and though it may correct itself if it doesn't he will have the umbilical hernia corrected during his neuter. The good news is all of his issues are very treatable and not causing him any discomfort.