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Cody - 2 Year Old Male


Furever Home Update

With each passing day he just keeps getting better and better as a companion. He sleeps through the night, has yet to have an accident in the house and continues to spend time with his Pug comrade in arms "Marvin" from across the street.

We took him to "Super Fetch" a couple of times now on the subway (on which he is well behaved) and we got him a new leather harness partially paid for by their voucher we got in our Welcome kit from Pugalug.

Last night he got his first bath and I ended up as wet as he did! And finally he now goes off leash at the dog park each morning for almost a full hour and he plays really really well with all the other dogs he meets. He already has a nice stable of friends. ANd most importantly he comes when we call him.

We are also going to enrol him in a few weeks, when he gets more settled in (probably in late march or early April) in obedience classes. Will keep you posted.

Overall we are beyond happy and he seems to be loving life as well.

Happy Tails

First off we want to thank Foster Mom Sue for doing such a wonderful job and we also want to thank everybody at Pugalug for honouring us with Cody and trusting us with the care of such a precious little man.

About the name, we have to confess we were not huge fans of the moniker "Cody" so we decided to change it to something a bit more unique and memorable. We also wanted to make sure that he has a name that he would probably not share with any other Pug, anywhere, let alone any another dog. So we named him "Fishstick"! And after a couple of days he has taken to the name and answers to it.

As I write this he is in my lap which is where he likes to be most of the time. Fishstick is a cuddly little man who sits in my arms like an infant and happily snores away for as long as I will let him. In bed he takes up more room than a small dog probably should be doing but he is wonderful to sleep with. With his Mom he loves to play tug of war or have his belly scratched or rubbed for hours on end.

He goes to the dog park close to our home with both of us every morning bright and early and spends a lot of time with his partner in crime from across the street, another wonderful Pug named Marvin who has quickly become his best friend. (They hang out together just about every single day and they go to each other's homes for play-dates.) After we come home, his Mom gets ready for work and we walk her to the subway then it's off for an hour to the big park where he meets and greets everybody he sees with a smile and a wiggly bum. If I would stay out all day with him in the park, I actually think he would be glad to remain there. He has a sweater and the cold does not appear to really bother him too much at all.

After just more than a week in our home it feels like he's been part of our family for a long long time and I can't picture life from this point on without him. He has really settled in a lot quicker than we ever thought he would. Again that speaks to the great work his Foster Mom and Pugalug did to prepare him for his new life and to the wonderful little man he is. All he wants is to be loved, and that is fine by us because he is going to get all the love he will ever need! Rest assured Fishstick is in his forever home and we couldn't be happier about it.



Cody is a cuddly guy. He loves attention and people and is very observant when he goes out. He loves his walks and can walk a long way for a little guy. He does his pug wiggle regularly. He hates it when it gets too cold. He is smart and learns quickly. He loves to be around people and dogs. At first he was afraid of his big foster brother and now they engage in doggie play. He likes to play but also loves human attention at all times. He does not like to be left alone and will whine and scratch at the wall or door. It would be best if Cody had a home where he was alone on a limited basis. When he is home alone he loves to be able to look out the front window. He usually barks at people and dogs but when approached he likes nothing better than the attention. He is getting better at not barking so much. The dogs just need to do their greeting and he is fine. He loves kids, dogs and people.

Cody has never been crated and I doubt he would adapt to that.

He likes to chew on a nylabone. He will play fetch but really likes to play tug of war with his big foster brother who lets him win. He likes to chew on things (i.e. cords) so doggie proofing is necessary.

It would be better for Cody to live with older children, who can understand the dangers of small toys being left out. Cody is still young and likes to chew on things. This could cause a problem, if swallowed.

He travels well in the car. He spent Christmas in London and loved the action and the resident Boston. He could hardly keep his eyes open by the end of the day. The more exercise he gets, the better he is on the leash and calmer overall. He loves his walks in the morning and night but also is more than willing to sleep in on the weekend. A fenced yard would be preferable but any type would be fine. Needs to be able to toilet and mark on grass, bushes, likes to walk in leaves. He loves to sit on your lap or sit by your feet. He is a lap dog through and through and will whine to get up or just jump up. He likes company all the time, period. He will be your little shadow. He sleeps in the big bed where he will cuddle right up.

He is house-trained, but does not ask to go out. Cody needs to be coaxed to go outside when cold out. He will need reinforcement at the beginning.

He is a joy to have around.


Foster Update, December 20, 2011

Cody has been to the vet for his check-up and rabies booster. Everyone there loved him. His fecal and heartworm tests came back negative and his bloodwork results were all within normal range with the exception of slightly elevated BUN, probably due to mild dehydration on the day of the test. Since the reading was only just out of range and the other urine values were normal, this result is not worrisome. Cody was such a good little guy at the clinic, he didn't even give them trouble with nail trimming. The vet declared him to be healthy. He will be going back in January to have his DHPP booster and a microchip implanted. At home, foster mom cleared up his crunchy nose with a little dab of Vitamin E. He had a little bit of a rash behind his legs due to rubbing of his harness. Putting a larger harness on him resolved the problem. Cody has calmed down a lot and is a very happy little boy, preferring to follow his foster brothers around rather than playing with his toys. Then he settles down on his favourite down pillow on the love seat.


Introduction, December 12, 2011

Meet Cody, an almost 2 year old male pug whose family wants him to have a home where he will get more attention. After an anxious first night, he is settling in well and has started to follow the resident dogs around the house. But he is more attached to people and loves to cuddle and get belly rubs from his foster mom. Being still quite young, he has a great deal of energy. He loves to go for walkies and is already improving on leash. He also does well in the car. Cody is already neutered and microchipped. He will be going off to the vet shortly for a wellness check and to have his vaccinations brought up to date.