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Cocoa - 5 Year Old Female


Happy Tails, June 19, 2012

Well we've now had a week and a bit to get our girl settled in her new home and what a difference! She took very few days to let her true personality shine through. She loves to cozy in with Chance at bedtime on the big bed and during the day the two of them enjoy walking together, but Cocoa has the energy to keep running while Chance gets to ride in the pug wagon. She has a witching hour at 11pm every night, running through the house, almost to get the energy all out before a good night's sleep. Cocoa is an absolute dream for our family, she has the joy and energy of a puppy along with the housetraining of an adult dog'the best of both worlds! She has filled the void that was left when we lost Pugger in January of this year, for us and Chance. Abbey (our very senior Shepherd) took little notice of Cocoa after the initial introduction and mutual sniffing time, with the exception of meal times when Cocoa comes looking for leftovers. She is very motivated by food which has made it so easy to use treats to bring her round to our daily routines.

We thank Pugalug once again for bringing us another zany little creature to love. It is hard to put into words how grateful we are for all the hard work and dedication of Pugalug volunteers, without you all we would never have the opportunity to have Pugger, Chance and Cocoa in our home and hearts.


Cocoa is an extremely sweet and affectionate pug. She had a rough start, but has really come out of her shell. When she first arrived, she was frightened by people, dogs and cats. It took some time, for her to realize that she is in a safe and loving home. Now, she goes up to everyone she meets and cuddles with her foster brothers. Cocoa is still a bit cautious of the foster home's young cat and tends to avoid her. Cocoa has started to play and enjoys the interaction, with foster family. She loves to be close by and will be at your feet or on your lap, ready to give you kisses!

When Cocoa first came, she had struvite crystals, in her bladder. This was quickly brought under control. She doesn't drink water, so must have her kibble soaked in water. A good, no-grain canned food, is a good option. Her pH needs to be monitored and she requires a supplement, with cranberry, that will help her from having bladder infections. This has been well maintained, in her foster home and shouldn't be an issue, with these simple steps being taken. It is easy to purchase pH strips and hold it under her, as she pees. This would only need to be done once in awhile, to keep track of her pH levels.

Cocoa would do well, being an only dog, if she was not left alone for long. Otherwise she should have another dog companion. The best home, would have someone there most of the time. She can be around kids that are over 6 and understand the need to be gentle. Cocoa can still get scared, if a person is loud or uses a stern voice. If you talk to her softly, she responds very well. She will come right to you and also knows how to sit. If you raise your voice, she will try to get away and seems afraid of being hurt. Cocoa needs the companionship of sleeping with her people.

This little one does bark, but rarely. She is usually very quiet and would be fine in an apartment or condo. Cocoa will be a loving companion for some lucky family. She is a joy to have around!


Foster Update, May 19, 2012

Cocoa is really coming along and feeling so much more relaxed. I hadn't bothered trying to teach her sit, because she was so freaked out about anyone touching her. I finally tried and it took all of 5 minutes and she was putting herself into a perfect sit! She remembered the next day, too! It's so cute to see her becoming a normal, happy dog. I'm so proud of her!

She also loves a new toy that I got for my cat. It's a squeaky little mouse. Cocoa ran down the hall, to get it and brought it back! Who knew that she would play? I'm just so glad that she has become so comfortable, that she will consider playing!

Cocoa just had 6 teeth removed, a fairly difficult spay and a hip x-ray. The hip x-ray didn't show any significant problems, which was a relief. The vet feels she should manage quite well, with her odd stance. She may get a bit of arthritis, when she is older.

After a recovery of a couple weeks, she will get her final vaccinations and then will be ready for adoption! Someone will be very lucky, to give this sweet, affectionate dog a home!


Foster Update, April 5, 2012
Cocoa had her second urine and culture test done. Her pH was 7.0, which is optimal. There were no crystals, no bacteria and no red or white blood cells. This is great news! We were hoping to go ahead with her spay, dental and x-ray, but she went into heat. Once she has finished this cycle, we will go ahead with the rest of her vetting.

She remains sensitive to sudden movements and can cower when you try to lift her up. Hopefully, she will realize that she is safe and out of harms way.

Cocoa has settled in with the resident pugs and isn't quite so scared of the cat. Cocoa was doing well at the dog park, but that is on hold since she is in heat. She is a sweet, little girl and just wants to be given some attention and give you kisses in return.

Foster Update, March 8, 2012

Cocoa is an adorable little girl. She is starting to feel more comfortable, but has a long way to go. If you make a sudden move, she will let out a yipe, like she is expecting to be hit.

Cocoa had her first vet appointment. She had a culture and sensitivity test done. There was no signs of an infection, but she still has crystals and a high pH balance. She is eating canned food, with added cranberry extract and vitamin C, apple cider vinegar and lots of water. It is more like soup. She gobbles it up! Cocoa doesn't like to be watched when she urinates and gets scared if you come too close. That makes it very difficult to keep track of her pH, but we will keep trying. She will be checked in another 3 to 4 weeks to see if the pH levels have improved and the crystals have cleared up. We don't want her to get any stones!

When the crystals are under control, Cocoa will get her rabies vaccination. Then a few weeks later she will get spayed and dental work done. While she is under they will take an x-ray of her hip and leg. The vet checked it out and said that the whole leg seems to have issues. Her thought was that she was either hit by a car or kicked very hard. If it is an old fracture, nothing can be done. She has muscle tone and doesn't seem to be in pain.

So, little Cocoa is probably going to be a fairly long term foster. By the time she is medically ready to adopt, she should be emotionally ready as well. Everyday, she gains a bit more confidence.

Introduction, February 25, 2012

Meet adorable Cocoa. She has had a hard time of it. Cocoa was abandoned in an apartment and taken to a shelter in southeastern Ontario. We don't know how long she was left in the apartment. Cocoa is quite small and extremely thin. Her immune system is probably stressed from being in the shelter for 3 weeks. She was with another pug who has already been adopted. The male pug was not neutered and Cocoa looks like she has had a litter or possibly more. Cocoa has had urinary issues (UTI and crystals - been on antibiotics since Feb 5th) but it hasn't cleared up. The shelter asked us to take her in.

She is very affectionate and is already trying to play with my pugs. Cocoa will be going to the vet and have an assessment done. Once we have more information on her medical condition, we will do another update.