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Chorley - 10 Month Old Male


Happy Tails, April 17, 2013

Chorley has been with us for almost 4 weeks now, and it seems like he has always been a part of our family.

He resides with his two pug siblings, one of which is also a Pugalug rescue. From the evening we picked him up, Chorley instantly bonded with his fellow rescue brother and has brought out a spark in him that we haven't seen in a very long time. They are always playing either tug or chase. And they love to cuddle when they think no one is watching! There is a serious bromance going on between them, which was an unexpected surprise for all of us.

Chorley's favourite thing to do is to chew. I swear, if that boy had an unlimited source of pizzles, he would never stop chewing. He is really good though and hasn't chewed on anything in the house. This is a perk of adopting a dog who isn't a puppy anymore.

This little man loves to cuddle and is frequently trying to steal the best spot in the house (my lap). His pug sister has pretty much claimed this spot, but she is willing to share - sometimes.

Chorley has a lot of puggy energy so we are trying to take him out for walks and dog park runs as much as possible. He has been doing really well with leash training with my husband. He sits patiently and waits for people to pass us, and picks up and carries on with his walk when they do. So amazing for his age!

We still have some training that we need to work on with him, but I know that with time, he will become the perfect gentleman.

They say things happen for a reason, and I truly believe this is why Chorley has landed into our home and our hearts. We couldn't be happier.



Adopted by Foster Parents

After a rocky start where his original adoption had to be unwound, Chorley has now found a wonderful "furever". He was taken back into foster care on March 21st into a new foster home where he instantly bonded with not only his foster humans but the resident male 3 year old pug, previously rescued from Pugalug. After waiting a little while to make sure the love fest withstood the test of time, the foster family decided he should stay where he was obviously happy and well loved. We agreed that he has had enough upheaval without tearing him away from his new best buddy. Stay tuned for a post-adoption update from his new family.




Foster Update, March 30, 2013

It's been about a week since Chorley has been with us and he has settled back into foster care quite nicely. Given it's only been a short time at our place, he has become really smitten with my male pug, Pippin. I can often find them cuddling or playing chase together.

Given Chorley's age, I was really surprised by how well he knows basic commands - sit, down, stay, come. He still needs some reinforcement, but he is quite smart and catches on quickly. He has only known me a week and I can tell he is a real Momma's boy. He follows me everywhere and watches everything that I do. He is often fighting for the best seat in the house when we are relaxing on the couch (which is on my chest, snuggled in my neck). He also likes to sit on my lap while I'm on the computer or while I'm at the kitchen table having my coffee. He is reasonable on the leash for a pup and with some guidance, I'm sure he can improve. He prefers to go off leash to a dog park or backyard to run. He has a lot of puggy energy to release and will do countless pugtonas (pug runs at top speed!) while off leash.

My husband and I both work day jobs, so he is left alone during the day time hours. I come home at lunch to let him out to do his business. I haven't had to crate him and he does quite well having the roam of the house.

In terms of house training, we've had a few accidents, which I chalk up to our fault. He needs to be let out immediately after dinner and play time. This is to be expected with a pup of his age. Hopefully with some time, he will improve.

This pug sure can eat! He is still on an increased feeding plan to gain some weight. We have experienced some food guarding, but we've solved this by moving his dishes away from our resident pugs.

Overall, Chorley is a happy, playful, energetic puppy. He still has a lot to learn, but with persistence and dedication, I think he will become a dream pug.

Foster Update, March 22, 2013

Unfortunately, Chorley's recent adoption did not work out. He and the resident dog were both so busy that no one was able to settle down and the constant busy-ness ended up being too much for both dogs. So Chorley is back in foster care. We are going to take some time to let him settle and see how he does. He's not in any way a "bad dog", but he can get very busy and over the top so will need a home that can interrupt that "play high".

If you have already applied for Chorley, we will keep you application and review it when he is again ready for adoption. The picture is of Chorley on the far left with his two new foster siblings.


Home Visit Scheduled

Chorley is an active one-year-old, male pug who is destined to become the love of someone's life! Upon arriving at his foster home, Chorley was initially frightened and unsure of his new surroundings, but those days are long past. He has settled in, claiming space of his own and makes mischief whenever the opportunity strikes. He enjoys having time to play and snuggle with both of the resident pugs, but with the resident female pug in particular. When she has had enough of playtime, it may require a few unsubtle reminders for Chorley to appreciate her message, but when he does, he is happy to cuddle alongside her or her brother and take in a well earned nap.

Chorley is an active little chap, who appreciates a daily walk or time to run free in a fenced backyard. He loves people, both old and young and doesn't hesitate to let his presence be known! Chorley is a "frustrated greeter", meaning he becomes incredibly excited and vocal upon seeing new people or animals. This behaviour can be somewhat alarming, as it is easy to misinterpret as aggression. However, once he has had the opportunity to calm himself, it becomes easy to see Chorley is really just full of love. With training and patience, he has made great strides with respect to this behavior, and I trust he will continue to improve with the proper guidance in place. As he is a young dog, he would benefit from basic obedience training.

Although Chorley is wonderful with both people and dogs, he is not good with cats. I have spent a great deal of time watching his body language in the presence of cats, and have determined that his desire to chase them is a prey driven behavior, and not merely curiosity. Subsequently, his forever home must be one without cats.

Chorley is well house trained, and has only had 2 minor accidents since arriving at his foster home. He is a smart little chap, who will tell you when he needs to go outside, a somewhat unusual behaviour in pugs! It is, at times, easy to forget that Chorley is very young, and as such he has a tendency to mouth when he becomes very excited. With training, he has made great progress with this behaviour, but his forever home will need to be consistent with training to ensure he doesn't regress.

Although Chorley is happy to be left alone in his crate for short periods of time, he prefers to have as much time as possible to be with his people. He would not be an ideal candidate for apartment living, as he will bark upon hearing strange noises, nor would it be appropriate for him to be left all day without some much needed human interaction, not to mention the opportunity to relieve himself! Chorley would do well as an only dog, or a companion to an active or "busy" dog. If he is to be an only dog, it will be important for him to have the opportunity to interact regularly with other dogs, as he truly enjoys the social interaction and stimulation he receives in their company.

Chorley is a wonderful boy, with soft brown eyes that could melt even the coldest of hearts. He is loving and loyal and will make you laugh out loud with his crazy antics! He will make a lucky addition to the forever home who is lucky enough to have him.

Foster Update, November 21, 2012

Chorley has settled into his foster home nicely, becoming fast friends with the resident pugs. While he enjoys a raucous game of tag with his new friends, tug of war is by far his favorite. He and the resident female pug love to see who can growl the loudest, while he drags her from one side ofthe room to the other, via the toy of the hour. Although they may soundlike a pack of angry wolves, it's all in fun, as their wiggly little tailsillustrate! When he is tired and ready to nap, Chorley is happy to curl upwith the resident pugs in a pug pile, but is equally happy (if not a littlemore so!) to curl up in his foster mum's lap.

As he has become more comfortable in his surroundings, his confidence hasgrown. Chorley no longer objects to being left alone, but seems to acceptit as the natural course of things. He asks to be taken outside when theneed arises - and is persistent if you seem to have misunderstood hisrequest! Chorley has no medical concerns, as his recent vet examinerevealed, and has the normal energy and enthusiasm of a puppy his age. Hedoes have a tendency to bark at people and dogs when out for walks, but thisis something his foster mum has been working on, with appreciable resultsalready. Chorley is an intelligent, charming wee soul who will be awonderful addition to any family!


Foster Update, October 26, 2012

Chorley has begun to settle in and relax, thanks, in part, to my female pug's womanly charms. He has developed a pug crush on The Bean, and has taken to snuggling with her in the afternoons. My male pug isn't as impressed with The Newbie, but can be found frolicking and cavorting as part of the trio - but will immediately stop whenever anyone pays the slightest attention.

While Chorley still wants to be with me all the time, overall he is doing much better. He only barks at the people at work occasionally, and he's wiggling from head to toe while he does it. I've noticed he doesn't bark when I step out of my office, leaving him with my 2 guys, but he does if I leave him in his ex-pen while I'm showering or running about. He just doesn't like being alone in any way. I noticed at mealtime last night and this morning that he tried to kennel up with my female pug. I was thinking tonight, once meal time is out of the way, I may try popping them in the ex-pen together. The only problem with this plan is that my girl is a consummate escape artist, and long ago figured out how to scale the side of the pen to freedom. I'm not too sure I want her teaching Chorley her ways! Maybe I should rethink that plan ...

In general, now that I am able to see more of his personality, Chorley is a little charmer and a wonderfully bouncy, friendly and playful puppy. Anybody would be lucky to adopt this little character, and would undoubtedly love him to bits.

Introduction, October 22, 2012

Say hello to Chorley (formerly known as Charlie), a 10-month old male pug puppy who was given up because his low-key older pug sister couldn't handle his puppiness. After a couple of days in foster care, foster mom reports that Chorley is very sweet-natured and interested in other dogs. However, he is still very anxious and very clingy with foster mom. Hopefully with a little Rescue Remedy and patience, this little man will settle down.