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Chips - 1.5 Year Old Male


Happy Tails, June 13, 2012

It's been a week since we picked Chips up from his foster home and he has been such a great addition to our family! We fondly refer to him as potato chips or chippy. He and our other pug have become the best of friends and have fallen into a nice routine. They follow each other around the house, walk together and play chase. We have even observed them coming up with a plan to guilt us into one more treat now and then. We never imagined how great it would be to have two pugs - double the smiles, double the kisses and definitely double the fun. Thank you to Pugalug and Chips' foster family for loving our boy till we brought him home. He is a welcome addition to our family and we remind him daily that he has found his forever home!!!

Chips    Chips


Chips loves everyone he meets. He greets both humans and other dogs with a happy, fun, "come play" tail wag. When humans bend down, he will give loving licks.

He is very good at initiating play. The resident 13 year old pug was coaxed, again and again, into chase me games in the park. The resident pug enjoyed the playfulness of Chips. When walking on the leash, Chips likes to, every now and then, grab the leash and play tug of war. He is good about stopping the game.

At home, he enjoys playing fetch and tug with the assorted toys. He will follow me around with a toy, inviting me to play but not in an annoying way -- more "hey, I'm adorable, look at me and my toy" way.

He does like to stay out ahead on the walk, but we have been working on his walking beside me and he seems to get what I want.

He has a lot of energy but is content to sleep most of the day while at work. However, be prepared to help him release that energy at dinnertime. He loves his walks. When I get the leash he likes to jump up and place his paws on my thighs, offering his head for the slip over harness.

Chips had a clean bill of health. The vet did detect a very, low grade heart murmur and suggested that the new owners have their vet do a recheck as a baseline.

He is a sound sleeper at night. In the morning, when he hears me stir, he comes up quietly to greet me with a face to face and a big yawn.

Chips is everything you'd expect in an 18 month old pug and will bring many years of smiles and laughter.

Foster Update, April 30, 2014

Chips Ahoy has settled well into his foster home. He truly loves his walks. When I take the harness off the hook, he comes over and stands up on his hind legs and places his paws on my thighs. While he is standing and staring at me, I place the harness over his head and under his belly. Then he waits patiently while the resident senior, slow poke dogs get equipped.

He likes to be out in front on the walk - sniffing here and there to make sure nothing is missed. Then I'll call "Chips Ahoy" and he comes right back to me for kisses. Chips has taken to picking up things on the sidewalk and we are working to correct that behaviour. Otherwise, his cute little mug ensures people will stop us and admire his friendliness.

His favourite pastime is running with the other dogs in the park. He will get my senior pug to chase him, but he really enjoys it when there are younger dogs in the park that he can run with. I'm planning on bringing him to Pugtoria so he can get a chance to really blow off some steam.

Despite all his energy, he will quietly sleep the day through while I'm at work. But, when I get home, he's got his stuffy toys lined up ready to play tug.

He had his vet visit today. Chips weighed in at 11.5 Kg. The vet said he was in great shape, with just enough layer of fat over the ribs. He is in overall good health. And he was not bothered with the checkup, thermometer or the blood taking.

Today, with all the rain coming down, he was hesitant to go out - but, heck, what pug wasn't? With a little encouragement he was out the door and doing his business in the backyard. Now, after a busy day, he is sleeping quietly under the desk.

Introduction, April 21, 2014

Chips is a big, goofy, loveable 1 1/2 year old pug. He had a little anxiety in adjusting to his new home and playmates, but after the first night, he just wanted to be friends with everyone. Even though he is in a new neighbourhood, he was happily greeting the people on the street and in the park. He is smart and comes to me when I call him (most of the time).

He tried to play with the senior dog in the household, but was told in no uncertain terms (barks) to back off. Chips respectfully honoured the request and left the old guy to his naps.

On the Saturday walk, Chips was all excited about sniffing and exploring the new area. He was pulling on the leash, but that was to be expected. When he gets comfortable with his new surroundings I'm sure he will be easy to walk.

Chips health is very good. We are going to setup a vet appointment for a general checkup. In the meantime, we have a holiday weekend to get to know each other, snuggle and help transition him to a new home.