360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
China - 2001-2010


China is at the Rainbow Bridge

China came into our lives at 4 months of age and from that time our lives changed forever. She was such a happy little pug with so much love to give. We were so lucky to have had 9 years to share with her . At the age of 2 she was diagnosed with Immune mediated thrombocytopenia, which quickly lead to becoming diabetic and having insulin injections twice daily and several eye surgeries, blood transfusion along with several mast cell removal surgeries and procedures to prevent cancer. She has had a rough life with many bumps in the road, but she was a real trouper and never showed any pain. Unfortunately just days before her 9th birthday she became ill and we took her to her vets (Mount Pleasant-Davisville Vet Hospital) and they diagnosed her with Pancreatitis and she then spent 4 days in the VEC to treat the condition. She then came home and her health only continued to go downhill, she was losing weight, loss of appetite and becoming very weak. She was not well enough to go through anymore treatments or surgeries and we didn't want to see her suffer or go through anymore pain, so we said goodbye to our baby girl on Tuesday May 25, 2010. She really loved everyone and was loved by everyone in return that met her and came into her life. We think of her every moment of the day and night and miss her terribly. I can't believe how many people's lives she touched, but she will be missed by everyone including her extended family at Mount Pleasant-Davisville Vet Hospital, Petplan Insurance Staff who I am told are deeply saddened by her passing and her pug brother Taz and all her canine friends she made in the neighbourhood.

She is now with my father sitting on his lap getting all the treats she deserves. China, we will love you forever and will see each other again one day and never be parted.

Bonnie, Daddy Troy and brother Taz