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Chico - 10 Year Old Male


Happy Tails, May 14, 2012

We've had Chico at home for just over a week now and he has settled right in. He's a wonderful little pug, his fur is soft like a bunny rabbit and he has a very wide range of cute little snorting/grunting noises. He just loves, loves, loves his new mom (and dad is ok too). He's figured out the routine around here, his fur brother Cooper showing him the ropes. We're in love with this little guy and are incredibly happy that Pugalug could rescue him and that we could adopt him and bring him into our lives!



Chico is an absolute character. He is gentle and loving and quite interesting. He is an independent little guy but when he wants your attention, he will jump up on your lap and let you know it!

Chico likes to place himself in an area where he can keep an eye on you and all the action, but also likes to follow us around the house. Chico is a good sport about going on short walks but he really prefers the couch potato lifestyle. When he goes on a walk he takes care of business and likes to go back home, as quickly as possible. Chico is perfectly house trained and doesn't pee in the house. However, he can mark in the house, when he gets annoyed with us. For example, when we came home from a vacation, he showed his displeasure by marking in a couple of places. After that, he was fine. It is easy to predict when he is going to do it.

He likes to lie beside me on the couch and insists on sleeping on the bed with me at night, as well. He likes to suck on a blanket, to get to sleep. The blanket routine is really fun to watch, as he first fights with the blanket (until he gets it right) and then goes quickly off to sleep. Chico sleeps very soundly and in the morning, he really does not like to get out of the bed to go outside.

He would probably do best in a household with another dog (but not a necessity). He has had another dog for company for his entire life. This wouldn't be because he likes to play but rather because he just really likes the company of other dogs.

Chico is a quiet boy and really fun to have around!



Foster Update, April 9, 2012

Chico has had all of his vaccinations and his dental done. He continues to be a charmer and everyone who meets him just loves him. He should be ready to go to his forever home in a week or two.

Foster Update, February 1, 2012

Chico has been to the vet to have his microchip inserted, his Rabies vaccine and his blood and fecal testing done. The vet called me this morning to let me know that his fecal results are perfect and his blood work are absolutely perfect. He currently weighs 25 pounds and needs to get to 22 pounds to be at his ideal weight. He will need to go to the vet in another couple of weeks for the rest of his vaccines and then he should be done.

Chico is a real little character. He has a blanket that he sleeps with at night that he sucks on through the night. When he first starts to suck on the blanket though he likes to have an argument and then a discussion with the blanket until he gets it exactly where he wants it. He also insists on sleeping on the big bed at night (but unlike the other dogs in my house he is good at sharing the bed) and loves to participate in anything that we are doing.

He is doing really well with his housetraining but he still occasionally marks in the house. He is improving on this quickly as he settles in to the house but he still has a bit of a way to go.

He appears to have been well loved in his life before coming to Pugalug so he is a pretty happy and well-adjusted little man.

Introduction, January 15, 2012

Here is Chico....He is a 9 year old fawn pug. He has been reported to be blind in one eye but from what I can tell so far he sees very well with his remaining eye. He has been with us since Wednesday night and is settling in nicely. So far he is absolutely fantastic with my resident dogs and wonderful with my little girls. He loves to sleep on the big bed at night and just loves to be near people. He was reported to be non-housetrained but so far we haven't had a single accident.

He has fur that is soft like a bunny rabbit and loves to be cuddled and talked to.

He will be going to the vet shortly for his check-up and we will have more to report then.