360 pugs rescued since October, 2005

Charlotte (December 9, 2006- October 9, 2009)


Charlotte it's been a week since you were taken from us and although it has not gotten easier, the good memories have started to come back to us.

You were such a sweet and loyal friend to us, your mommy and daddy and pug siblings Tucker and Frankie. You were our pack leader: fierce, strong, and determined. Charlotte you have left such a hole in our lives. It's difficult not to think of you in every spot around our house and our local park that you loved so much.

We can still see you zipping around the park, marking corners ( we don't think you ever really knew that you were a little lady), snow hill climbing in the winter time in your pink jacket, and playing chase with Frankie. He looks for you at the park everyday Girlie. Mommy misses her shadow around the house, her snuggle bunny in bed and our sleep ins while the boys got up early, and the especially demanding chirping at dinner time. It's quiet around here without you. We remember fondly your love of car rides, your attitude towards other dogs while on a leash (Porkchop, sometimes you were not so nice), and your love of a good chew, sometimes we could swear that you were a beaver in a past life.

We were so fortunate to have you as our little girl. Words cannot begin to convey how much we love you and how much we want you back. Thank you for being strong and letting us know when it was time to let you go. You were a fighter, but we now know that it was fight we could not win. Thank you for giving us the last few weeks. Daddy and I remember our last trail hike through Mono Cliffs and thank god for that opportunity every single day to remember how beautiful you looked.

Rest in peace Char, Char. We know that you're not in pain anymore and you are now surrounded by our family, humans and animals who will take care of you. We'll see you again one day, but until then please don't forget us because we'll never forget you. We love you.

Mommy, Daddy, Baby PapaV, Tucker, and Frankie