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Charlie Bear - A Noble Pug - Gone to the Bridge on April 27, 2008

Charlie Bear was abandonded outside a coffee shop in Scarborough. When the shelter sent a picture, my heart was touched by those large, loving eyes - doorways to a deep, gentle soul. He came into the foster care of 2 equally gentle people - Sandy and Debbie who eventually adopted Charlie. They gave him an extra year of life - a year that he lived to the fullest.

This past Sunday, it was time for Charlie to leave.
His spirit remains within our Pugalug community to remind us that the work we do can touch such a one as Charlie Bear - even briefly - a few more cookies, a piece of chicken and a warm, comfy lap can make all the difference.

Goodbye my little friend - keep Mabel company and play a game of tug for me
And thank you Sandy and Debbie for giving CB a final resting home


Charlie Bear is adopted, June 10th

Our brave little senior pug has been adopted by his foster parents - Sandy and Deb - along with pug brother Winston and Bully Taz. Sandy and Debbie wanted to be absolutely sure if a better home could be found. But Charlie was able to convince them in his own subtle way that his perfect home was with them.

Charlie Bear has become quite a celebrity. There were lots of people at Woofstock who recognized Charlie and new his story. Below is Sandy holding CB along with Taz and Winston in the buggy.

"This little guy will steal your heart. Little Charlie Bear rolls with the crowd and makes sure that you don't forget about him. Although he is 'petite', visually impaired, somewhat deaf and arthritic, he pushes, squeezes and climbs small objects to find you when he decides it is time to snuggle or have a snack. Charlie is in the habit of letting you know that it is 8:00 and it is his time to cuddle in your arms and relax (a pleasure for all those involved).

Charlie eats two meals a day; Inova (EVO) mixed with yogurt, ground beef, veggies, salmon or what ever else is healthy and yummy. He still needs to put on a bit more weight. Charlie dislikes the cold but now that the sun is here, he loves to wander around the yard and spends as much time out there as he can Charlie loves the company of other fuzzy buddies and would probably do best in a home with another dog (although he loves the cats, too) He can see enough to follow them around and loves to sleep snuggled up to them. Charlie sleeps on the "big bed" at night but it must be made safe for him as he can't see the edge.

He still sounds congested although we believe that it is just his "small nares" and he also gets warm very fast (especially when he snuggles under the covers which he insists upon). He would do best in a home with air conditioning because of this.

Charlie still "squirts" around the house so he wears a belly band when he has free run. When he is home with out people he stays in the kitchen with his foster brother, Winston, and uses the pee-pads there. He is better at relieving himself outside but due to his age, he may never master this completely. Charlie is looking to spend his sunset years on cruise control with no detours; he still has lots and lots of love to give."

Sandy and Debbie

Charlie Bear enjoys when friends drop by for a chat.

Foster Update, March 22

Well, the wee Charlie Bear has made it through his invasive surgery and is all the more healthy because of it. He had 14 teeth removed, the remaining were polished up for a loving smile. He had several small stones and a fair amount of "sludge" removed from his bladder. In addition he was neutered.

Vet costs came to $1,428

Deb is employed as an animal care giver, so they brought CB home, while still under the anesthetic. They had him hooked up to his IV and watched over him as he slowly came out of it. He had a restless night because of the pain.

Charlie and foster mom Sandy

Foster Update, March 13

Wee Charlie saw the vet yesterday. He confirmed that they feel he is strong enough to undergo surgery. We have scheduled it for Wednesday, March 21 (the first day of spring). He will be neutered, have his teeth done and be micro chipped. Unfortunately, they saw a rather large bladder stone. They hope to remove this as well. He has started another round of antibiotics to combat any infections as they usually don't do all these procedures together but we only want him to have to undergo anaesthetic once. If all goes well, we can bring him home that evening and care for him at home.

They also stated he has quite bad arthritis (but that is obvious). Deb and I started him on "green lipped sea muscle" supplements as soon as we got him. They worked very well for us in the past and we hope they help Charlie as well.

He is as happy as ever. He is gaining confidence daily.

Foster Update, March 8

Meet Charlie-bear. The name kind of happened at his foster home and it has stuck. And he looks like a Charlie-bear) Sandy and Debbie are working at getting a photo of Charlie-bear and Taz together. Meanwhile, he will be meeting the surgeon, Dr. Turp, on Tuesday evening to have a preliminary assessment done.

Foster Update, March 6

Gabriel is in the foster care of Sandy and Debbie - 2 wonderful people who are very experienced with senior dogs.

Dr. O'Toole at the Mississauga/Oakville Emergency and Referral Clinic did another set of X-rays and a check up on Gabriel. The report is as follows:

"Dr. O'Toole saw no masses;
His heart is round which is not unusual for an "old" pug. There was no fluid or effusion;
There is a small amount of mineralization in his kidneys;
His prostrate is normal;
Believes there is a tumour in his enlarged testicle but it is benign.

I am quite sure that this means he is in relatively good health for an old puggy".
Dr. O'Toole recommended neutering so this will be scheduled in the near future. He also needs quite a bit of dental work done so this will be taken care of when he is in for the neutering

The only problem we are having is that he won't or can't pee outside in the cold. He did go pee outside about half of the time on the weekend but not yesterday or today. I think he is so snugly most of the time, the cold just shocks him so much he stands there and can't go (but I could be wrong or making excuses for him). Also, I think he is constipated. We took him off of the anti-diarrhea meds on Saturday and no poops since.

I think he is an absolutely wonderful, loving puggy who would make someone a wonderful companion if anyone is willing to adopt this senior. He is a very special boy; our bullie, Taz is helping care for him. They fell asleep last night, in the bed, with their beautiful faces pushed together and their little tongues sticking out!!

Foster Update, March 1

Chest X-rays show a "cloud" on his lungs from one angle, but not from another so we don't know if it's cancer or pheumonia. He's on Clavamox to see if it improves the situation. If it does improve, then it was prbably pneumonia, if it doesn't then we may be looking at chest or heart issues. He is also on meds for diarrhea which we think is food and stress related.

He is still un vaccinated as it was too risky with his current health status. He will need to have dental work done. Nails are very long and have been trimmed once-- but quicks are way down the nail so another clipping will happen soon. We'll just have to take a bit at a time off. Don't know how much he hears or sees. Mobility is pretty good. Blood work was all excellent. He sounds like a water pipe with his breathing. Hopefully, this will improve.

So far, he has peed on the trees and bushes in my yard and no accidents in the house. He's a nice boy and figured out in the first 30 minutes where the treat jar was--so definitely a pug

Introduction, February 28

Gabriel is a male that is "way past 10" as the vet put it. In mid-February, on a sub-zero day, he was tied up and left abandoned outside of a coffee shop. The police brought him to the Willowdale Emergency Clinic. One of our pugaluggers, Sharlene, contacted us and we agreed to take him in if he was not claimed. The Willowdale Vets have done his examination, testing and medical care. He is being picked up and taken into foster care on March 1st by Blanche. She will send us an update on Gabe.

Because his name was not know, it was Blanche's household that decided to name him Gabriel after the Angel of Incarnation. Initial observations are that he is slow moving and that he is house trained (barks when he needs to go outside)