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Champ - 3 1/2 Year Old Pug Mix


Adopted by Foster Parents

Champ is a terrific pug mix who loves to be with people. He really enjoys snuggling next to you on the couch and watches you closely for an opportunity to get up for a cuddle. He greets you with abandon, when you come home and is barking, chirping to get your attention. No one makes you feel more loved on your return then Champ!

Champ has come a long way, since returning to rescue in the summer. He was at the Toronto Pugoween Pugalug and had a great time. He was fine with people of all ages. While he did not engage in play, with the other dogs, he was happy to be around them, calmly sniffing and being sniffed. He snuggled into several laps including those of a couple of kids.

Champ is uncomfortable with any competition, dog to dog, but is comfortable just being with other dogs. He has initiated play, a few times, at the dog park and he is relaxing more and more. We will be looking for a home with either, one very calm, preferably small dog or for Champ to be on his own. Champ is doing very well on his new food - Annamaet Manitouk. We used a VERY slow transition period (almost a month) to ensure he was tolerating the food well. He loves to have a nice big bone to chew.

We have continued to put a belly band on him when we go out. This has proved very successful. He has had a few accidents in the house. We have not found a trigger for those incidents, after his initial settling in time. I find he needs to go out more frequently, in the hour or so after eating, morning and night. He needs a family who will be patient with him, particularly in the settling in period, as he can be a sensitive soul. Champ is worth the effort, and time, to allow him to feel comfortable and safe.

The best home for Champ would be one where there are no small kids and where people are home most of the day. Champ is a friendly, happy and often goofy 3.5 year old, who will make someone a wonderful companion!


Foster Update, March 5, 2014

Champ has settled in nicely and is such a very loving boy. He does not have a mean or aggressive bone in his body. Champ needs to be close to his people and is crazy about a good cuddle. He loves to cuddle in tight on the couch or in bed at night. Once snuggled in, he rarely moves and is very kind. Champ can be a bit uncomfortable with new dogs, but he has settled in with our oldsters. As he has learned to trust that they will not hurt him, he is much more comfortable with them coming up to snuggle near him. He does not like to cuddle with other dogs, but he no longer leaps up in a panic when his foster siblings come up near him.

As his stress has reduced and he learned to handle the other dogs near him, he appears to be less of a heavy pee-er in the house and more of a dribbler. He will occasionally squirt a bit on things like plastics - his environmental comment I guess. A belly band easily handles this little bit of pee. He goes outside readily and without a lot of drama. Champ's issues arise with stress and needs time to relax and settle in new conditions. He remains wary of big dogs, but no longer panics.

He would love to have a home as the only dog, but could be comfortable with another small, older calm dog. Champ needs time and calm, but he is the friendliest boy, who loves it when you get home, greeting you with kisses and yips. He loves to stand on your chest when you sit down and give you lots of loving kisses and deep soulful gazes. He is funny with a real sense of humour and fun. He loves to chase a toy, play tug or chew a big bone. His needs are simple. He will make the right family very happy!

Foster Update, October 7, 2013

Champ continues to do well. He is a lovely boy to have around and the whole family loves him to bits. Champ loves nothing more than a good cuddle next to you on the couch, but you do have to watch while you are sitting down as he is in a rush to get there before the other dogs that you sometimes have to do a quick maneuver to avoid sitting on him.

Champ has a deep and abiding love of chewing bones and will often be seen gnawing on something. Although not a huge kisser, he does get a bit crazy from time to time and you may be on the receiving end of a good bath.

He was having some trouble with very dry poops so I am gradually transitioning from the Natural Balance Rabbit and Potato to Annamaet Manitouk Red Meat formula, which is a grain free lamb and venison formula. So far this seems to be helping and he is doing well.



Foster Update, September 9, 2013

Champ is settling in very well in foster care. He is making great strides in his anxiety. He was reported to be having a lot of peeing issues in the house, but we have not found that to be the case. He has had very few accidents. We keep a belly band on him when we go out and it's always dry when we return. Champ seemed to be having issues with the vacuum at first, but the last time we vacuumed he opened one eye and looked up when the vacuum started up in another room then he went back to sleep. We eventually moved into the room in which he was sleeping on the couch and he continued to ignore it.

He is good with the resident dogs and has enjoyed time at the dog park with other small dogs. One trigger we have found that stresses Champ out is other dogs stepping on or jumping over/ on him - whether standing or lying down he HATES to have another dog step on him. It's the only time that he becomes visibly upset/anxious. He can have another dog approach at any time even when he has a bone and he is fine ( Champs favourite pastime is chewing bones). Eventually, he will need a home either alone or with a calm and stable other dog.



Introduction, August 7, 2013

Champ is a former Pugalug foster who was recently returned to us. He has been settling in well and has been a really good boy. We believe that he has some issues with anxiety, which will be worked on over the next few weeks.

Champ is a generally quiet boy who loves to be with people and loves to touch people, but is not really enjoying receiving hugs and kisses right now and is still a bit jumpy; however, he snuggles in very tight at night, cuddling up close and rarely moving. Champ barks when he hears a new noise or if someone comes to the door, but the rest of the time he is very quiet. Champ is getting along very well with both of the resident pugs and has enjoyed a few play sessions. We have been going to the local dog park and he is relaxing a bit there as well, enjoying a romp or two with other small dogs. He is fearful of the larger ones at present, hiding behind my legs. He happily remains in the small dog area, exploring and meeting up with the dogs.

Champ gives the appearance of confidence, but this masks some anxiety that manifests itself in other ways. Nevertheless, he is a definite sweetheart!