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Champ - 1 Year Old Pug Mix


Happy Tails, January 2, 2012

Dear Pugalug friends and family,

It's me Champ! Remember me? I'm the little Pug cross guy, you know super busy, impossible to tire out, awesome cuddler -- I'm writing to tell you about my new family. Well it turns out my new mom is a dog walker, can you imagine? All the walks and dog friends I can handle -- weather permitting of course. This cold weather is not my favourite kind of weather, but my mom has ordered me a new coat and it will be here soon and I tried on and modelled my boots in the house the other day.

My fur-siblings are awesome. Magnum is a 14 mos. old Boxer and he LOVES to play with me. He even lets me swing by my teeth off his cheeks. It's super fun, though mom keeps saying "no teeth", then she tells me how good I am when I play "my mouth is bigger than your mouth", another of Magnum's and my favourite games. Nimkiis is a 9 year old Beagle and though she doesn't play much, we really like each other. My human sibling is Austin and he's 7, and even busier than me. I get tired just watching him. He loves to cuddle with me and I've even slept on his bed a couple of times!

I go to parks every day in the car. We pick up all my friends and then it's fun and games. I love to chase the other dogs, and I can keep up with even the biggest and fastest of them. I quickly learned that if I do really fast turns when the other dogs are chasing me, that they overshoot and it makes me laugh really hard.

I'm loving my raw diet. I've learned to sit while my mom holds my food bowl and when I make eye contact with her, she puts it on the floor. I'm such a good eater, it only takes me seconds to finish it. Today she put the food on the floor and told me to stay, and then I got to eat it when she said "ok". Mom says I'm really smart.

I can't thank all the people at Pugalug for everything they did for me, and especially for making sure I found a family that loves me like crazy!



Adopted, December 3, 2011

Champ is a terrific little guy with a snuggly personality. He has lots of energy but loves down time to snuggle, flinging himself against you. He is nervous of loud noises but this is getting better. He does bark and is louder than the pugs. At the vets he was curious, but not at all aggressive, towards the 4 resident cats. He loves to chew on toys and bones and can be quite hard on them as he has a larger jaw than the pugs.

He can be a bit grabby with food you are carrying and you must be aware and keep an eye on him. We have been working on this but Champ would not be good with very small children. He takes offered treats very gently however. Champ needs an new family that will continue to work on basic training, the chewing on you when overly excited and coming when called, as he can be a bit heedless on that.

Champ is a very nice young dog with much to offer a furever family. He loves walks. With his longer nose, he does not have the breathing issues that a purebred pug does. He loves to play with other dogs and prefers to play with dogs, not people. Champ only cuddles with people however, and rarely with the other dogs. Champ never seems to get mad or offended by the other dogs, but does not take no for an answer, when seeking to play and will pester another dog til they give in. He likes the best of both worlds, both you to cuddle with and friend to play with!


Foster Update, August 25, 2011

Champ may be a pug mix but whatever the mix is he got the best of all of it.

This little man is fabulous. When he first arrived oh boy... he was so busy and crazy - I wondered what we had gotten in to. By the end of the first week everything settled down and we got to see the best Champ has to offer and Champ has the nicest personality. He loves to play with other dogs, he gives lovely kisses - mostly to family not so much strangers, he is kind and gentle with enough puppy play in him to endear him to one and all.

He was neutered today and everyone at the vets thinks he is wonderful and very well behaved. They have 4 resident cats there including one blind one and Champ was gently interested in them but not at all aggressive. Champ even handles the "fun police" in a word Sophie our female pug - with ease and good humour, she tries to control the world he quietly swings his butt into her to block her, while still playing happily with Bugzy and all the time maintaining a total good nature - he simply never gets mad.

Sophie has stopped even bothering to try to run the show - Champ ignores her... he is a joy to have around. Champ will occasionally "nibble" or squeeze you with his jaws if he is overly excited but we are working one this and he is improving every day.

All his blood work came back normal, we still have one test outstanding and he needs some boosters in a couple of weeks. Otherwise he is healthy, happy and extremely sweet.

Introduction, August 9, 2011

Champ is an owner surrender due to the family moving abroad. He recently had his first birthday and is every bit a puppy still. Champ is a pug cross - we are guessing Boxer/pug cross, he has the reddish fawn of a boxer rather than the lighter more beige fawn of a pug but if someone has another suggestion please let us know. He is very well built and has a much bigger bone/muscle structure and also he has a docked tail which he carries over his back like a pug. The boys all think he looks like Scrappy Doo from the Scooby Doo cartoon show.

He is a bit "mouthy" at this point so we will be working on his gaining some manners when playing. He is a bit restless at night as he is still settling in. He currently feels the most comfortable sleeping on the floor rather than in the big bed and also tends not to lay in the dog beds either. Champ likes to try to get the two resident dogs to play with him and is generally dog appropriate if a bit enthusiastic.

We will be working at transitioning him from his current food to a grain free food, he is in good shape and is not over weight. He will be seeing the vet for a first visit soon and he will need to be neutered soon. He housebreaking seems to be pretty good and he has only had a couple of accidents since arriving on Sunday.

Overall Champ is a happy, goofy puppy and a very nice little fellow.