Caesar: January 9/2003 - April 26th 2009

Early Sunday morning at 12:15am, Alex and I had to lay our baby to rest. It was so sudden and so quick that the loss of our baby is incredibly deep.

He was our bestfriend. Everyone knew who Caesar was. Everyone loved him and treated him as though he was a king. He WAS a king! Our king, and he filled both of our lives, as well as everyone elses lives with such joy, comfort and satisfaction. He loved us unconditionally and without him, a huge part of us has died. He showed us what loving deeply was really like. He brought new meaning to our lives and he will always be engraved in our hearts and souls.

We miss you so much Caesar and we love you each and every single day even though you are at peace now. We will miss your snoring, your purring, your snorting, your barking and even the sounds you made when you begged for food. We will miss the way you tilted your head and we will miss watching your every move. You were flawless in our eyes and you were the perfect medicine for any heartache.

We will miss calling you the many nicknames we came up with on a daily basis & we dearly miss spoiling you.

Watch down on us as we look up at you MonkeyFace.

Mommy and Daddy love you so much.