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Caesar - 12 year old male


Happy Tails

Caesar arrived at our home on the Thanksgiving weekend and we certainly feel very thankful to call him part of our family. Right away Caesar settled in to the routine of our home and has become a great friend to our 6 year old pug Diesel. On weekends we try to go to the beach for at least an hour, during the week we head over to the neighbourhood nature trail. Caesar now gets excited when the leashes are brought out and has been known to not be able to sit still long enough to get his harness on. We headed off to cottage country last week and both pugs found sunny spots on the sofa to curl up and warm themselves. As an older dog Caesar has a few limitations such as not being able to get down the stairs we view this as a chance to pick him up and give him a snuggle as we carry him down. I was worried in the beginning how our younger pug would respond and as I write this they are both snoring in my ear curled up together on the couch.

The other day my son asked me if I was happy to have Caesar, did I feel we made the right decision, I responded it is like he has been here all along. I am not sure of Caesar's past life but I do know that his future with us will be full of love and respect for this older gentleman. Thanks from Pam , Ayden and Molly






Ceasar is looking for a relatively calm forever home/family. His favourite things in the world are being with people and eating. He thinks broccoli is just as good as cookies. Ceasar is currently a perfect weight but loves all food and, according to his medical history, has the potential to be overweight. Ceasar can go up stairs but cannot come down himself; he needs to be lifted.

We are not sure why Ceasar has a head tilt but it does not present any ongoing medical problems. It could be senior vestibular which may never happen again; we have not seen it in his foster home. His heart is a wee bit enlarged but does not present any medical problems. He went through his dental surgery with flying colours. Ceasar sees and hears quite well. He takes supplements for healthy joints as he does have a bit of calcification on his spine and arthritis/

Much to our pleasure, Ceasar has no behaviour issues. He was a bit clingy when we initially got him but, once he learns the routine and knows someone will come back for him, he has adapted incredibly well.

We do not know how Ceasar is with children. We would consider older children simply due to his age; he needs a gentle, firm hand to lift him, he does not have the energy or body to play much and he needs, wants and deserves quite a bit of attention.

Ceasar could live in a house or apartment/condo. When we go out, our neighbours have been listening to see if he barks and have reported that he does not. He does bark when he hears the car return. We X pen him for his own safety -- if he goes up the stairs, he cannot come down by himself and we don't want him to try or get upset.

Ceasar is completely house trained; he has never had an accident in his foster home. He sleeps in the big bed with his people.

Ceasar is an absolute joy to have around. He is very well behaved, smart and affectionate. If you have ever considered adding a senior pug to your family, Ceasar is the one. He still has lots of energy and love to give. Ceasar needs a loving home for his sunset years.


Foster Update, September 19, 2010

I had the great pleasure of meeting Caesar at the Elgin Pugnic on September 19th. He was just so excited and happy to be amongst all his pug friends, turning here and there, pug butt wagging away, a warm and friendly greeting to all who stopped - pugs and humans alike.

He gave me a big smile and, with that trademark head tilt, I thought who could not fall in love with this little guy. As I knelt, his paws on my thighs, he gave me joyful licks and his undivided attention.

He is one of these pugs that the pictures don't do him justice (although I did take a few and tried to capture his love of life). When you meet him in person you would think he was 5 years younger than his web page persona.

This may be the pug for you. Please consider giving Ceasar a place in your home, and he will find a place for you in his heart.




Foster Update, July 1, 2010

Caesar had his dental surgery and came through with flying colours. He has no medical conditions to speak of; very healthy for a 12 year old.

It took Caesar about a week to figure out the routine and feel comfortable. He has settled into his foster home very well and loves everything and every one. He is an absolute joy to be around.

Caesar will be looking for his forever home very soon. If anyone is considering a senior pug, Caesar would be a real catch.


Introduction, June 7, 2010

Ceasar arrived this morning and seems to be one of the happiest wee guys we have had the pleasure to meet. He appears to like everything and everyone. So far no accidents in the house. He is curious and bright. Ceasar will go to the vet on Saturday for a full check up but it looks like he may need the works. We will keep you posted. Please send him your love and good wishes.