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Bugsy - 1999-2012

Bugsy is at the Rainbow Bridge

Bugsy (1999-2012) passed away the morning of March 3, 2012 from pulmonary distress and pneumonia. He died peacefully in his human mother's arms. He brought so much joy to his rescue family for the 3 years he lived with us. He is survived by fur brother Cooper, Mom Carolyn, Dad Mark, Grandma Sonia, Grandpa Tom, and Auntie Heather, as well as many many friends. We miss him terribly.

Bugsy the Laid Back Pug is home

Bugsy said a quick good bye to his foster brother Stu, a little shake to his foster family, then it was out the door with Carolyn and Mark to head off to his new, forever home.

Bugsy had 4 teeth removed on January 8th and after his antibiotics is feeling much better. His patchy fur is filling in well too. A formerly bald underside is now covered in soft fur and is offered up for belly-rubs every morning.

He would do best with a quiet family who is willing to give the little bit of extra care that is required. He gets a weekly bath, nose-fold cleaning every other day, and medication and supplements with each meal. He would do better in a house without a lot of stairs. He is quite happy to bounce up and down our steep and slippery stairs, but seems oblivious to the danger of tumbling down.

Bugsy boy is a man of simple needs. He is an easy going, well-trained boy who only wants your company and affection (and sometimes your dinner) but needs to remain on a strictly grain free diet . He looks forward to nuzzling up to you on the sofa, joining you on short walks and snoring happily at the end of the bed.

Foster Bro Stu is going to miss his big, gentle buddy.

Foster Update - Dec 30

Foster Update - Dec 30

The good news is Bugsy enjoyed the holidays laying by the fire, and taking walks in the woods. Looking again at his records I noticed that his first vet visit is dated December of 1998. So...our nine year old is actually 10.

He continues to do well with his skin allergies. The blackness on his belly has all but disappeared and the redness is gone. The weekly baths seem to keep him quite comfortable, and he enjoys them. His new family should continue to do this. A loose fitting T-shirt worn occasionally seems to feel good and keep his skin from getting irritated.

He is looking quite handsome with his new "supermodel" physique. Bugsy has gone from a whopping 30lbs in October to 27lbs at last weigh in and now a trim 25lbs.

He went to the vet today to have his thyroid levels tested once more and to investigate a swelling I noticed last night. It is a swollen gland in his neck which we think is related to an infection running from the sinuses to an upper incisor. His dental surgery is scheduled for January the 8th, and after he has recovered we will begin looking at applications. He is a beautiful boy with the most easy going sweet personality and we will surely miss him.

Foster Update - Dec 1

Bugsy is delightful. When he is very happy he wiggles and barks and all four legs lift off the floor, but is for the most part very quiet and distinguished. He is not a clingy shadow but likes to be close by. He's very affectionate and demands a good spot on the sofa, and likes to curl up behind your knees or at your feet in bed. He doesn't like to be carried around...which is a good thing..he's too heavy for me. but loves to snuggle right up and nibble on your ear when you let him on your lap. He loves to lean his chin on things (as you can see in the photo) the footstool is his favorite spot. A couple of toys stacked up will also do the trick....

Bugsy (aka Mr. Big) is feeling great. The switch to grain free food and the addition of omega 3's to his diet has made a remarkable difference. His energy levels have improved, he's not tired after his walks now. He quite enjoys the routine, and I think I can almost see a waist!

I will weigh him again soon but I am almost certain he has lost some weight. His thyroid levels will also need to be monitored. He is quite happy to nap most of the day and has no issue with being left alone. He has a large crate which he likes, but is just as happy to sleep on the floor or a bed it seems. He is no longer itchy when brushed or petted, but still has "moth eaten" fur patches that should improve over time. He loves his bath and is sits patiently while you wash and dry him. such a good boy.

Bugsy should be ready for his forever home after our vet gives him the all clear on weight loss and his thyroid levels.

Foster Update - Nov 22

Bugsy has come through his first week and his surgeries day with flying colours. He had dental cleaning, the growth removed from his eye and was neutered. Next is to work on his skin itchys, which is improving already and to get a bit of weight off this sturdy boy. Bugsy is hypothyroid and gets a pill with each meal. He has been very easy to medicate, I just add it to his food.

I really can't say enough about this sweet man. He's such an agreeable old chap and will make someone very happy.

Anyone who comes to the house is greeted with a stuffed toy and a bum wiggle. He is impeccably clean in the housetraining dept. and is very polite about letting me know it's time to go out. (I hope this rubs off on my two..) Bugsy would enjoy the company of another older dog, or as an only dog.

Introduction - Nov 16

Bugsy is a beautiful nine year old intact male who was surrender by his owners because they are moving out of the country. He is very friendly cheerful and affectionate. He is getting along just fine with the resident pugs. He does have health issues (obesity and allergies)that we are certain can be corrected with proper diet. He was good as gold getting his nails clipped (thanks blanche)and taking his pill with his new food.

He will see our vet next week to have a growth removed from his right eyelid, neutering and a look at his teeth.