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Bugsy - 2003-2014

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Bugsy is at the Rainbow Bridge

Saying goodbye to my little boy Bugsy was truly the saddest day of my life. He was my greatest joy and my best friend for ten and a half years. His kind and loving heart shone brightly everyday and was felt by everyone he met.

Instead of dwelling on his struggles with cancer, I will share some of the things that made him happy, because that is what's most important ... snuggles, treats & chicken stew, car rides, visiting with friends & family, exploring new places, hikes in the wilderness where he would run with a wild crazy look in his eyes and the biggest smile, making a grand entrance every morning by running down the stairs at high speeds and flying through the air onto the living room couch where I waited for him, playing tug with his toys and catch me if you can, licking his paws, eating fresh grass clippings, chewing on sticks, nosing through ladies purses in hopes of finding a treat, warming up my side of the big bed at the end of the day for snuggles, lying in the warm sun spots around the house, even if it meant balancing himself on the top of the couch, and did I mention snuggles, snuggles and more snuggles!

Bugsy was also one of the original "519 Pugalug" pugs. He attended every event that was held over the years and was a winner in many of the running races with those long legs of his. I'm sure that treats were somehow involved in his victorious wins.

His life was well lived and full of love.