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Bruce - 2002-2012


Bruce is at The Rainbow Bridge

Much loved and cherished pet he had some medical problems but never complained. Eager to go in the car. Loved his fruits and veggies especially his carrots and melons. Loved sleeping on HIS side of the bed, and when possible loved pushing the pillow up and around in an arc to sleep on. Loved his lazy rainy days, Mom would use the umbrella to keep me dry. The photo is of Bruce watching a beef stew cooking ... ahh the aroma, know I'll get some for my supper. To my baby, God Bless and thank you for the 19 months we had together, Night Boo. Love Mom (Carol Tapp).


Furever Family Update, January 6, 2011

Here is Bruce's hard life. Hope everyone enjoys the photos!




Happy Tails, November 28, 2010

Bruce is doing great. His two new human brothers both think he is the best. When coming home from walks, he heads towards the house and stands at "his" patio door waiting for me as if to say, "are you ready yet?". The big bed is Bruce's domain. When we go to bed, he makes sure I am actually going to sleep, then he will stretch out beside me and gradually push me over towards the edge. When he wakes up, he immediately comes to find where I am. I have bought him a new blue harness, and next week he will be getting a new improved coat to wear during the cold morning jaunts outside. He loves his carrots and peppers especially at that ungodly hour of the morning, but not a chance. He has made new friends, Princess and Sam who is a mixed breed large terrier adopted about a day away from being put down. Bruce and his old pal Winnie who came into Pugalug rescue together are making plans to have a play date. It will be interesting to see if they recognize each other!



Bruce has been used to being an only dog for the past two years and would be quite happy as an only dog. He could also get along very well with a sibling that is past the puppy stage and does not expect to be played with. He does not mind being picked up and enjoys laying across your lap on the sofa. When there are no humans available, Bruce enjoys piling into the dog bed with his foster siblings.

Bruce is a big mama's boy but he does have a tendency to guard resources (bully sticks, marrow bones and a human's lap). He does not have a problem with me collecting and redistributing his 'treasures' amongst his foster siblings and will move from my lap when told to give someone else a turn.

Bruce has no trouble navigating stairs either carpeted or hardwood and follows me around the house like a shadow. He is good about coming when called and sits for meals and treats. He also travels extremely well in the car. We took him up to Haliburton to visit family over Thanksgiving and he happily sat in the back with the others and enjoyed extended outings in the boat too.

Bruce continues to have some crystals in his urine, despite being on vet food that is supposed to get rid of them. An x-ray taken at his vet appointment confirmed that there are no stones of any sort and the crystals are not the type that turn into stones. I am currently flooding his meals with 1 cup of water each time and he is now eating Acana Pacifica. His new family will need to monitor the situation. Since he is required to consume this quantity of water, he will need to go out for a pee mid day to ensure he remains clean in the house. Our vet has recommended another urinalysis in three months.

Bruce is currently receiving Optimmune in each eye twice a day and has great tear production. He has some very mild gingivitis, but enjoys chewing and will let you brush his teeth, he should be able to avoid the dentist for a while. He came in a little overweight (just under 25 lbs), but should be closer to 22-23 lbs. This should be easy to achieve with portion control and regular exercise.

Bruce is comfortable with older children and adults but can be a bit intimidated by rambunctious youngsters. He is not a big barker but will alert you when someone comes to the door. He has been fine meeting dogs and people on our walks.

Bruce's family took out pet insurance for him and is paying the premium until he is adopted. The new owners have the option of continuing the coverage.



Foster Update, October 15, 2010

Bruce had a wonderful time up north this weekend. When he wasn't boating, taking nature walks or meeting new people, he would relax in bed with a good bone.



Foster Update, October 8, 2010

Bruce has settled in beautifully with the gang and is getting used to the energy level of our kitten. He is enjoying long walks every day (he walks beautifully on lead), meeting new people and other dogs. He will be heading up north for Thanksgiving.

Bruce has had ongoing issue with crystals in his urine and despite being on a vet food to eliminate them, they still persist. Our vet has suggested that we continue to ensure he consumes plenty of water and recommends that his future family monitor the situation. These crystals are not the type that will develop into bladder stones.

Introduction, September 26, 2010

Bruce is an 8 year old neutered male, formerly from a puppy mill, who was adopted out by Pugalug about two years ago to a family who loved him very much. Unfortunately they have had to surrender him through no fault of his own and he is being fostered in his original foster home where he has already settled in to his old routine. Bruce is up-to-date with his shots and will be going to the vet shortly to have his wellness check-up. His foster mum will provide an updated photo and more information shortly.