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Brian - 2 Year Old Male


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Happy Tails, March 17, 2012

Brian became a member of our family instantly. This pug is so loveable that you want to hug and kiss him every moment and he soaks up every bit of it! He attached himself to the women of the house first and we had some crying when left with the boys but eventually that settled down. We got him used to our crate for when we run errands. He loves his walks in the park but adores the backyard. He flirts and plays with the neighbour dogs a lot. I think the biggest sign that Brian was home forever was when he played ball with us in the backyard for about an hour straight on a beautiful afternoon. He was so tired and happy from all of the ball fetching that we had to carrying his sleeping little cuteness upstairs for the night and he slept right through it. We love Brian so very much and it is obvious that he loves his new family and home. Thank you, Pugalug.


It's amazing how time flies when you are having fun. First, it as been our pleasure to care for Brian during his recovery from knee surgery. On that note, he is well healed and ready to begin his search for his furever home. Brian has a soft temperament and is very happy to snuggle on the couch. He does enjoy his walks but is not an overly active guy. He has a healthy appetite and eats a grain-free kibble. He gets along well with other dogs, so he would enjoy a canine companion, he likes small dogs best. As far as his knees go, all is healed and he can live a normal life. He has been carried for the past 12 weeks, so he needs to re-learn stairs, going up is no problem but he is a little nervous going down. Brian gets along well with kids, but due to the fact of his knee surgery, kids over 12 years old would be best. Brian has slept in a crate at night and while we are out, so he could rest after his surgery. He would love to sleep in the 'big bed' at night. He is accustomed to being in a crate while we are out and this could continue for the transition period, as he adjusts to a new home. He has had 2 accidents in our home, both were in the first week he was with us, after that he has been clean as a whistle. Brian would do best in a house, as opposed to an apartment, so he can have a fully fenced backyard and lots of choices to do his business. He does however hate cold weather, so lots of patience is needed during those very cold days. Brian is looking for someone to allow him to be the soft snuggly baby that he is. He is so attached to his people that it's not unusual for him to accompany you to the bathroom, just so he can keep his eye on you. This sweet boy will be a great addition to the right family. We love you Brian, and look forward to helping you find the perfect home.




Foster Update, January 24, 2012

Brian went for his six weeks x-rays today, and the surgeon is pleased with how things are coming along. We were told to keep doing exactly what we are doing as far as his exercise goes, which is two 15 mins. walks, as well as backyard potty breaks. Still no jumping or stairs. This is all fine with Brian as being carried is one of his favorite things now. He continues to be a very good patient. Snow and ice he could do without, so he likes to play the "I can't because I've just had surgery" card a lot, but that's o.k. snuggling on the couch works too.


Foster Update, December 27, 2011

Brian had his 2 week check-up today and his sutures removed. The surgeon is very pleased with his progress so far. He said Brian's range of motion is very good, and he's well on his way to a full recovery. So we are to continue with what we are doing, moving our walk time up 5 mins each week. Brian will still be on cage rest when he isn't out for his walks, or doing his physiotherapy, but there is always time in the day for some serious couch snuggling. His next step is x-rays in 4 weeks.

Foster Update, December 18, 2011

Brian is being a excellent patient. He was on strict cage rest since his surgery. Today we moved him into a x-pen, which gives him a little more room to move about. He was getting a little lazy in his bed, so it's time to start moving a wee bit more. Cold packs need to be applied 3 times a day, as well as a few exercises. He handles this very well. He goes for very short walks, just to do his business, and then back to his pen for a rest, or a snuggle on the couch. Go figure, he likes the snuggles more than the cage rest!!!! Brian has 11 more weeks of recovery, but each day is one step closer to being ready for his forever home. His next check-up is December 27th, for a quick assessment and to have his sutures removed, then no more crazy blue donut.



Foster Update, November 21, 2011

Brian has now had all his preliminary vetting done and will be going in for surgery on both his luxating knees on December 13th. While he is inclined to be an anxious boy, he has improved in this area quite a bit. He has learned to play and have fun and is now well on his way to being fully house trained.

Brian has had a tough two years prior to coming to Pugalug and the patience and care of his foster family has helped Brian to begin to overcome his rough start. He is a handsome little boy who responds so well to some direction, some patience and some love.


Introduction, October 10, 2011

Meet Brian. He turned 2 in September and was surrendered by someone who purchased him very recently . His background before this is unclear but it is thought that he had been living in the garage and despite being very sweet, wiggly and friendly, some of his strange behaviour supports this.

Brian is nervous around stairs and after a week has just learned to go up them. When encouraged to come down he runs and cowers. We are working on that. He cries when one of us leaves the room but this behaviour is on the decline after several days of working at making our comings and goings no big deal. He scares easily around feeding and needs a calm quiet environment to eat in..but once he is sure no one will approach he eats quite happily....and otherwise he is a very calm and happy little guy. On walks and at the off-leash park he is happy and confident.

He LOVES sleeping on the big bed and completely melts into you (and your heart) when invited up to the sofa for a snuggle. He is extremely affectionate and has a hunger for being near, even squeezing himself in with the resident dogs in their beds.. to get a little more love out of a nap.

This handsome little guy just needs patience and lots of love and kindness and is showing his appreciation already. Brian will be neutered next week and after that we will have an update.

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