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Bowie - 4 Year Old Male


Happy Tails, March 13, 2013

Bowie is hilarious. You'd think we'd had him from the get-go; that's how easily he has fit in. Our puppy, Sadie, drives him a bit crazy because she thinks he's her chew toy, but she absolutely adores him. She cuddles up to him in the same bed (despite the fact that her own is right beside his), and follows him around like - well, a puppy! They play tug of war and they chase each other all over the house. He gets a respite at night because he sleeps on our bed while Sadie sleeps with my daughter (Sadie's mummy). He loves long walks, although "heel" and, for that matter, "lie down" seem to be foreign concepts to him (we're going to work on that). He is a good eater and extremely good-natured and he has a huge crush on me, always sitting in my lap and coming to me for hugs. He had a little eye-related issue and a cold in the first couple of weeks, but he's right as rain again. We've all fallen in love with him and he's brought a lot of joy into the house.



This happy little guy is ready for that special family. Bowie has an equal balance of rest and relaxation, stretching out alongside you for a contented nap and the exuberance of exploring the world on his walk. He enjoys the company of other dogs once he gets to know them. He is submissive in their company and has never shown a sign of aggression.

Bowie is a quiet dog. However he does give a warning bark if he hears a noise in the hallway. I've been trying to ease his tension in this area. So he would probably be best in a house. Condo or apartment hallway noises may be problematic (although this does make him a great watch dog).

On his walk, or in the subway, he is happy to go up and greet people if they show a sign of welcoming. Otherwise he is happy to enjoy the sights and smells of the neighbourhood. He does tend to pull ahead on his leash but he is getting better at slowing down. Continual work on this will be needed. He will occasionally bark a warning at strangers at night on the dog walk.

Bowie went to his first Pugalug and spent most of the time playing with the other pugs, running Pugtona circles whenever they started up. He especially enjoyed going up to the people sitting on the floor and snuggling his body in for some head pets.

Bowie had a skin infection when he came in, including hot spots at the base of his tail and belly area near the back legs. The vet was very impressed with how it cleared up, indicating that Bowie has a strong immune system.

He was on a raw food diet to help with strengthening his immune system. He has now transitioned to a grain free kibble.

We are just clearing up some wax build up in his ears - otherwise he has received a clean bill of health from the vet.

Bowie is a gentle, easy going pug that will provide a family with many years of affection.

Foster Update, December 20, 2012

Bowie had his neutering surgery without any complications. He was up and awake, drinking water and happily accepting pets from the staff. He now weighs 10 Kilos. There was still some lingering skin bacteria so he is back on the antibiotics and a once a week medicated shampoo. He will be going for his next set of vaccinations the first week of January. He will have his skin looked at then.

He was his usual happy go lucky self on the walk home from the vets. Still intrigued by all the smells. However, over the last couple of days, he is much calmer on his walks - not as determined to claim the neighbourhood with his cocky leg. Even though we brought home a cone, he was not at all interested in the stitches.

He likes to have a pillow when he is sleeping. Never seen a pug do that before. Sometimes he will use my thigh as a pillow, or my arm. This morning he was sleeping on the floor with his little chin resting on the dog bed as a pillow. I finally got him his own little pillow that he uses at night, next to the big bed. If he hears a noise in the hallway of my apartment building, he will do a warning bark. Given this, he may not be a suitable candidate for someone in an apartment or condo.

He is starting to copy the resident pugs and greet people on the street. Some of the people that my pugs know stop us on the street to say hi. Bowie is now comfortable with going up to them, recognizing there is no danger, and getting a pat.

His happiest moment is when I come through the door from work. He is always the first one there to greet me, smiling, wagging tail and paws up in the air. As he jumps into my lap, he now gives me a little lick on the cheek. So the anxious side is dwindling and this true pug nature is developing. We tried to get some photos of him smiling but he was not in the mood that day.

Bowie is planning on coming to Happy Pug New Year and meeting some new friends. He will be ready to adopt sometime in January.


Foster Update, November 25, 2012

Bowie has been with me for 2 weeks and has settled into the rhythm of the household. The anxiety he was feeling the first few days has now gone and he easily cuddles in close next to me on the couch. I'm sure that the itchy skin was also contributing to his discomfort. The medicated shampoo and antibiotics has cleared up the skin infection. Now Bowie stretches out on his back whenever he is in need of a belly rub.

His new found health can also be attributed to the raw diet he is on. He enjoys mealtimes immensely finishing up everything in his bowl. The energy and happiness he now has is seen when I come home as he spins around and then wants to place his paws on my thighs for a hug. The energy is also directed to one of the donut beds that he pushes and humps around the room.

He is getting to socialize with other dogs in the park. Of course they are interested in his male parts but that will change once he is neutered. Otherwise he is good about getting sniffed along with greeting other dogs and humans. He is uncomfortable with passing bicycles, barking warnings at the bike as they pass by. We will be working on this over the weeks to come.

Bowie is a very loving, affectionate pug whose true nature has surfaced now that he is not having to bite and scratch himself regularly.

Introduction, November 18, 2012

Bowie is an easy going 4 year old pug weighing 9.2 kgs. Upon his arrival, he was most interested in sniffing and marking every post on his walk. Bowie is still intact but is a very submissive boy. He had no problem adjusting to the resident pugs, especially the bossy one. They all established their order with no fuss or muss.

It took Bowie awhile to adjust to his new foster home. He spent the first night on the floor by the door. It was during the next full day that I noticed him itching more than usual. Upon further investigation I discovered he had fleas - so a bath and premise spray was conducted. Later that night I woke up to him scratching and whining in discomfort. Another flea bath seemed to help calm him and he slept the rest of the night.

We went to his first vet visit and, sure enough, Bowie had a mild skin infection. We arranged to have a skin scrape and to put him on Revolution. His blood work came back with slightly elevated white blood cell count - which was attributed to the skin infection. In addition, he is having a daily medicated bath of the trouble spots, and is on medication.

He goes in on December 11th for his neutering and his skin will be checked then. But he has now stopped scratching and sleeps peacefully on the floor beside my bed (he does start out in the dog bed at night but at some point decides to sleep on the floor).

I've put him on a raw food diet to boost his immunity (and put a couple more pounds on those ribs). Plus he was not interested in eating the kibble on the first day - but devoured the raw chicken I prepared for him.

On the walk, he does tend to pull on the leash, searching for spots to mark. This will ease off once he is neutered. But I will be training him on a regular basis to not pull on the leash. Otherwise he has been fine with the other dogs he meets in the park. He does tend to warning bark when it is dark and he sees someone on the other side of the street. It may be because the surroundings are new to him.

He now greets me at the door when I come home, wagging his tail and wanting to let me know how his day has been. He does have a quiet gentleness about him that will be a joy to watch over the coming months.

Bowie   Bowie