360 pugs rescued since October, 2005

Boston - September 15, 2000 - December 16, 2008

It is not easy to lose a puggy loved one but to have 3 of them on this page is very sad indeed. Hilary lost Zoey, then Beasley and now Boston. Our Rainbow Bridge reminds us just how precious these little ones are in our lives - and to appreciate every moment we have with them.

"Boston was good until Thursday nite last week, he was vomiting and not feeling "good", we took him to the Vet on Friday, his blood sugar was very high, and he was dehydrated. It was a difficult weekend, we were with him constantly and he was at the Vet's daily - but mostly remained unresponsive to the antibiotics, insulin, antivomiting meds.

The poor little man began to look like a raisin, he was so small, and wrinkled, he had no energy. The x-rays showed some white haze in his chest & abdomen, it could have been fluid or cancer. By Sunday evening we knew there was not much more anyone could do for him, and Tuesday morning we helped him cross over to be with the other two. We still have our lovely little Cinderella and our American bulldog Tonka, but no one can replace the holes in our hearts left by our amazing little pugs.

Boston - we love you and miss you so very much."

Love Hilary, Wally, Wesley, Ashley, Cinderella & Tonka.

God Bless you little man.