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Clan of the Pug Bears
By Ginger Julian

A woman who can communicate with her pugs - what more need be said. Available from Pug Press

The Adventures of Eloise

Follow the adventures of Eloise and her pug dog Weenie.

The Pawprints of History: Dogs and the Course of Human Events
By Stanley Coren

Read about what really went on between Emporer Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine's pug Fortune. Also covers the pug "curse" that followed his descendents.

The Tao of Pug
By By Wilson the Pug
(with a little help from Nancy Levine)

"Heaviness is the basis of lightness.
Since heavy and light are just more opposites,
I am always the ideal weight."

Animal Pictures and Stories
by Graham and Matlack (1912)

A rare book that features a story about a pug named Scamp.

by Mark Aldridge

Congo Books of England "...is dedicated to publishing high quality, illustrated children's books and graphic novels."
Inky, inspired by the author's own pug Lottie, will be published in September of 2004.

Pugs In Public
by Kendall Farr, George Bennett (photographer), Sara Montague, Sharon Montrose

The pugs of New York City - galleries, posh hotels, bicycle shops and "Even the Bishop of New York, the Right Reverend Richard F. Grein, appears in full ecclesiastical dress with his adored pug Bruno."
Emmitt & Olive
written and illustrated by Melissa Langer

Two pugs meet and learn what happens when they become best friends. It features 20 color and 5 black and white illustrations
Homer for the Holidays
written and illustrated by Nancy Levine

Pug Wilson from The Tao of Pug encounters a lost puppy pug whom he names Homer. Wilson sets out to find Homer a home for the holidays. Told with wit and love, author and photographer Nancy Levine is using the book launch to bring awareness to the Stop Puppy Mills campaign; organized by The Humane Society of the United States.
by Dan Yaccarino

A tale of self-discovery, esteem building and conflict resolution seen from the eyes of a pug. Ages 3-6.

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