360 pugs rescued since October, 2005
Bogie - 10 Year Old Male - 2001-2011


At the Rainbow Bridge

Bogie came to rescue in precarious health and his foster moms have been diligent in attempting to improve his health. We knew that his time with us wouldn't be a long time, but he hit the crisis point faster than we had predicted. Sadly, he had a significant health crisis on November 30th that necessitated a visit to the veterinary emergency. Due to his thyroid, Cushings and dementia issues, no amount of vet care could give him relief and he went to the Rainbow Bridge, leaving us with sad hearts and good memories.

Introduction, November 12, 2011

Bogie is a sweet old man who has some complicated medical problems. The first week in his new foster home was difficult for him but he has now fit in very well. He has adjusted to his new routine and is happy and friendly. Bogie loves running around the yard and going for car rides. He has started a healthy diet and looks forward to his meals and snacks. Bogie gets along well with his foster sister, Bailey the Beagle, and the cats. Bogie is going to stay in the Pug Abode until his medical issues can be sorted out. He is seeing the vet regularly and we are waiting for test results so we can make a treatment plan for this little guy. Bogie needs lots of well wishes and good thoughts.