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Bobby - 4 Year Old Male


Happy Tails, December 4, 2012

Bobby is fitting in wonderfully in our home. He is a very very happy boy! We've been going on walks six times a day and he is the talk of the neighbourhood! He's practically a movie star! He has also made many of dog friends and has found plenty of squirrels to keep him intrigued.

He also loves to play in our yard, but in typical pug fashion, when he's not playing, he's cuddled up to us. He enjoys sleeping on both the bed and the couch. My son just loves him.

Thank you Pugalug for keeping him safe until we could adopt him. We adore him!



Bobby has been making fans wherever we take him and I am happy to say he is ready to move on to his forever home. He has become a fun and bouncy guy who loves to chase squirrels and wrestle with big puppies. Bobby has overcome prolonged allergies, so it is important that his simple dietary requirements are met to keep him healthy and happy. Lots of exercise and measuring his food is required to keep his weight down. Bobby is eating a good quality grain -free kibble . Despite having diet restrictions, I have found several options for food, treats, and chewing. Because Bobby had to shed a lot of his old skin and coat he has been dropping a lot of hair and replacing it with new softer fur. So, like most fawn pugs he does shed a fair bit. We have noticed it getting better all the time. but you may want to keep the vacuum handy!

Bobby's squirrel chasing is a work in progress, as is his humping. He can be a bit grabby with treats but knows the word "gentle" (like most pugs, he acts as though he has not seen a morsel of food for days). He's a super laid back guy, has never had one accident. He is very good at making himself at home, in a variety of situations, and for this reason I would think he could do well in any type of home. He would not be happy as a couch potato, as he's extremely social and loves to run around outdoors. I have been taking him to work with me and he is better behaved than my own dogs. He absolutely loves to come to work and bounces down the street leading the way. Could he possibly be your new office companion?

Foster Update, September 4, 2012

Bobby continues to do well and is now feeling tip top. We are just waiting for some of his bald patches to fill in. He continues to grow new softer fur and shed alot of his old coat( and his old skin). He is a big boy at 27 pounds but is far more active and agile. He seems so thrilled with his newfound good health that he wants to play all the time. His eyes are no longer sad but bright and eager and a wee bit devilish. Bobby loves big puppies that are willing to roll around and get silly. His best pal is a Bernese Mountain Dog, so if you are looking for a companion for your big dog, Bobby might be your guy. My small pugs love to play chase and tug with him but I think Bobby would prefer larger playmates. He loves to roughhouse and get big cuddles and does quite a good impression of Chewbacca when he is happy. He is a darling but a bit of a big goof and his enthusiasm might be more appreciated by a dog larger than himself. He would also do well as an only dog with someone willing to spend a lot of time playing with him. He loves to carry his own leash and has taken to picking up his foster brothers' leashes too, which is hilarious. Stuart doesn't know what to make of that, but grudgingly follows where Bobby leads. Bobby cannot tolerate any grains, poultry or beef. His history of allergies seems to be entirely diet-related and as long as he is fed a single protein grain free food, like Acana Pacifica, or Wellness Core, the itching calms. I also give him treats that contain only lamb or pork (lamb lung, pork and potato biscuits) and give him antlers to chew. Bobby is a real character- we have enjoyed having him here so much and will miss him a ton.

Foster Update, September 1, 2012

Bobby's ears and skin continue to clear very well, he is finished his antibiotics and his anti-histamines and for the time being is only taking evening primrose oil for his skin and is getting a daily wipe down and weekly medicated baths to clear away any of the yeastiness that is still leaving his system. This process of clearing out the effects of his allergies does take some time but it seems we have made great strides in the last few weeks. His typically loose pug knees have improved quite a bit with an increase in exercise and a bit of weight loss. (We were surprised to find that Bobby has only actually lost a few pounds after seeing a difference in his physique and stamina!) We installed a carpet runner for the stairs to the second floor, which worked well for him as he had problems climbing. Slow and steady was his method. He would also follow us to the basement but had trouble climbing the naked risers, so we carried him back up for weeks. No more! He bounds up the steps with glee.

We have been feeding Bobby a single protein grain free diet with good results. His itching has diminished to the point where he hasn't taken anti-histamines for 2 weeks. Bobby has really begun to turn a corner physically with new fur growing (and shedding) all over and he is pretty pleased with himself. He was a great joy to have around before, and now that he is feeling better his joy is overflowing. He sings to us in the morning and spins in a circle while we prepare his breakfast, and repeats this happy dance for his walks. He is great off leash at the park, has terrific recall, and gets along well the other dogs. He lays at my feet as I type this and will follow quietly from room to room but he is no way a velcro pug- he makes himself comfortable knowing you are nearby and isn't the least bit neurotic about anything. A supremely well adjusted little man. It goes without saying that his toileting habits are impeccable too. He has never had one accident here or any other house or cottage we've stayed at with him over the summer. He is quite happy to sleep in a bed on the floor or next to you in the big bed. Simply put - he is happy to lie down and sleep wherever you say "go to bed Bobby".

Bobby has spent an awful lot of time sleeping and healing for the last month or so and he's making up for lost time by kicking up his heels at play time. I bought him his own stuffed toy and he will bring it to us to play fetch and carries it around proudly giving it a shake from time to time and offering it to whoever is interested.

He doesn't seem to have a preference for small or large dogs and could be happy as an only or with another easy going dog for company.

He doesn't seem to be overly fond of swimming but has sampled the shores of a few lakes in Ontario in a life jacket. LOVES the car though - is a great passenger and companion for road trips and has been on a few with us. Not only is he great in the car but takes all new surroundings and new people in his stride. Everywhere we take Bobby, people remark how at home he makes himself. He gets on well with other dogs, people and just finds himself a bone or an antler and a comfy spot and settles right in.

He really is such a good good boy. He is going to make a special someone so happy.




Foster Update, July 23, 2012

Bobby is a lovely old pug gentleman in a young pugs body, doesn't seem to get overly excited about much (except maybe meals, he is a pug after all) and sometimes he will surprise you with an affectionate nose nibble when he is particularly pleased with himself.

A history of allergies have caused some thick dark and itchy skin to form on Bobby's neck stomach and legs that was making him extremely uncomfortable. Most of this thick leathery skin has shed now leaving a soft belly turning from black to brown and pink in patches. A weekly medicated bath, a diet change and antihistamines have controlled the itching for now, while we figure out the next step. I also change Bobby's bedding daily and covered the areas he sleeps on to make sure his yeasty skin can heal properly. So basically, his laundry gets done more than ours does but I think his skin is happy about it!

He had an ear infection that we are still treating and that is much improved as well. Bobby is such a good and gracious patient, asking only for a nice antler or marrow bone to chew on and a soft place to nap. He is a fairly laid back fellow but loves to go for a walk and is always the first one at the door when you ask who's up for a walk. He has shed a few pounds too and actually ran circles around a puppy on a rare cool night recently!


Introduction, June 18, 2012

Meet Bobby (formerly known as Buddy). Bobby is 4 years old. He is a gentle, sweet and affectionate boy with some very itchy skin and more than a few pounds to shed. He has been an outstanding gentleman since arriving here and has obviously been loved. He is thoroughly enjoying his walks, new playmates and new foods and he will be seeing the vet this week.